Searching for two TBL releases

emoon - 19:01 6 January 2014 #

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to hunt down two releases from TBL (one is “Mind the Riot” from Remedy 95 http://demozoo.org/productions/28467/ and “?” from Icing 97 Beta http://demozoo.org/productions/89974)
Been looked at the regular places like:

ftp.scene.org (party and demos/tbl folder)

And of course general googling after it but still nothing :/

Any suggestions?


menace - 06:28 7 January 2014 #

I checked Aminet, but no dice. I am currently downloading two archives of bbs dumps from that era from a friendly Swede, so will check on that download once I am back from work, might be able to find something on there.

Incidentially, I have created a tag called "Lost" for productions for which we currently can not source a download or can find a file for - I have tagged both those productions accordingly.

If we find them (or any of the others on that list) let's make sure to upload to scene.org so that they are preserved and backed up in multiple locations, yes? :)


emoon - 11:54 7 January 2014 #

Sounds like a plan. Thanks for checking this :)
The last productions without credits and screenshots now on the TBL page :)

SoLO - 04:58 8 January 2014 #

Here is it :

"The Scene Archives" is probably the biggest Amiga demos collection.
You should check there when you can't find a demo on amigascene or aminet

menace - 06:18 8 January 2014 #

Yay - SoLO found some things! Amazing :)

Unfortunately I struck out so far with concern to the archive I had a quick check through today. _SO MUCH OTHER STUFF_, though. I'll be putting it on my ftp shortly, once I have a chance to censor out a few bits I was asked to.

emoon - 09:49 8 January 2014 #

WOW! Thanks a bunch SoLO! :)

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