Lovebyte 2022

superogue - 12:43 21 January 2022 #

The biggest party of the year with the tiniest productions is back !!!

For three days, from the 11th to the 13th of February 2022, we will be bringing you all sorts of wonderful small demos, music, competitions, livecoding and discussions, all online at https://www.twitch.tv/lovebytedemoparty. And we invite you to join us.

With intro competions ranging from as little as 8 bytes all the way up to 512 bytes, tiny excutable graphics and games, pixelart and bytebeat music. That's wild, right? You'd better get hyped! And if you're a seasoned sizecoder, stop rolling your eyes at this hyperbole and start working on a prod right now!

Don't miss the Nano awards on Friday night, celebrating the past year of sizecoded productions, and livecoding into the evening with the Byte Jam on TIC-80. On the Saturday and Sunday competitions on all platforms, and Byte Battles on TIC-80 along with top class DJ sets, await you. Check out our website at https://www.lovebyte.party for the latest information, time schedule and how to join.

The experience culminates on Sunday night with the Byte Battle finale and the competition prize ceremony.

How much graphics, sound, animation and creativity can you fit into a tiny filesize?
How much love can you fit in a byte?

At Lovebyte 2022 we are going to find out!

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