The Meteoriks Awards 2023

Shana - 23:03 4 November 2022 #

What a year, what a year - and still going strong!

The Meteoriks team starts gathering again - and WE WANT YOU to join us as a juror!

- Help deciding on categories with your fellow jurors
- Review last year's productions for your category
- Identify up to five nominees
- Choose a laureate
- Represent your category live during the award show

All in all, this will take between four and eight evenings' worth of time, mostly spread across January and February.

Visit our website to learn more and sign up for jury "duty" until January 1st, we would love to have you!


We are looking forward to working and celebrating the best productions of the year with you!

- The Meteoriks Team

Shana - 15:00 4 January 2023 #

It is time - the categories for The Meteoriks Awards 2023 are set, and our jurors are coming together to nominate the best productions of 2022 in the following categories:

New Talent - Outstanding Concept - Outstanding Technical Achievement - Best Executable Graphics - Best Soundtrack - Best Visuals - Best Direction - Best Oldschool Production - Best Midschool Production - Best High-End Intro - Best High-End Demo

And we still want your help and opinions! Recommend your favourite productions of the year for the respective categories, right here on Demozoo or over on Pouet, until January 29th!


Let's go! We hope you're as excited as we are!

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