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theDUBBER - 12:03 16 January 2023 #

I saw that you added my 4 intros theDUBBER-nfo on your site and I'm very pleased with that. I wanted to let you know that I also took the liberty of downloading some of your material and uploading it to my new site in the hope that it won't bother you. I also started a channel on RIZON. I always wanted to be part of a group but I never got the chance. If you want to take a look, I'll leave you my links. I hope see you soon. A greeting.

Channel: #mushROOM

Irc Net: irc.rizon.net

Site :https://wiki.rizon.net/

Connessione diretta con WebIRC / Direct Connection





Sub Site https://www.mushroom.altervista.org/mushroom/


Personal site www.thedubber.altervista.org

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZeM3y9ylOd3XARZvJt9lDF5AE68YGzPg

Twitter https://twitter.com/mushROOM_Rizon

Facebbok https://www.facebook.com/mushroom.rizon

Sub Site https://www.mushroom.altervista.org/mushroom/index.htm

I'll leave you with a couple of programs I've made. You already have my intros on your site


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