The search for lost files

mantratronic - 23:34 2 August 2017 #

Hah, ok! I found an old archive with dos and early windows demos, but from looking through the lost tag everything but that picture seems to be already linked. I've spoken to sh^ar and he thinks he has the original archive on a zip disk in his attic, but hasn't got a zip drive so that might take a while.. I'll upload the gif to scene.org and put in the screenshot here for the time being.

menace - 05:49 3 August 2017 #

mantatronic: Great! :) I have now approved the file, and linked it to the entry on Demozoo so it's available for download.

As for his zip disk, you're speaking to a great issue - that of getting old files off defunct media. We are in the process of setting up a team of people and a website for this explicit reason, to help people with that, and take care of the resulting stuff, sorting and verifying and making available. If he is willing to send the physical zip disk off to us, we'd be more than happy to dump the contents out, and take care of the files in a way that we agree on. He can receive them all back for sorting himself, or we can help by sorting jointly, making sure naturally to not share anything that was not meant for sharing with the greater world. Between us, there are admins on scene.org, ftp.amigascne.org, ftp.modland.com, Modarchive, AMP, and so forth.

ltk_tscc - 08:49 3 August 2017 #

I've got a zip-drive running :)

dad1916 - 11:03 10 August 2017 #

Is it possible to view the lost list by platform? Specifically I want to try and try and find c64 productions which I can then run, screenshot and upload.


ltk_tscc - 12:04 12 August 2017 #

Nope it is not yet... and believe me I'd love to have this myself as it would boost the usability of the site to a whole different level. For now there is a ticket for this that has to be done by somebody:


ltk_tscc - 21:01 28 August 2017 #

Thanks to Boub/Popsy Team... we finally have all gfx and msx from VIP2 :)


blaz - 01:01 3 September 2017 #

have you the disk of this one :

menace - 09:22 4 September 2017 #

Blaz: I do. I probably didn't make a download available because the game trackloaded the intro, and I didn't have means to make it available without getting into a copyright issue. I'll have a look this evening, find the disk image, and see if I can't talk to someone about making it available.

blaz - 12:48 4 September 2017 #

hi Menace. Send me the disk to nowheremanwashere[at]gmail.com, I'll extract the intro

blaz - 12:49 4 September 2017 #

if you have more to extract, feel free to send them

menace - 04:44 5 September 2017 #

Blaz: You have mail :)

blaz - 09:52 5 September 2017 #

menace: Done. you have mail :)

menace - 06:51 25 November 2017 #

Graphics and music from Spoletium 2001 are sorely missed. If you happen to have some files from that party lying around, then please - for the love of all that is sacred, share! :)


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