The search for lost files

menace - 09:03 23 January 2014 #

During our work for Demozoo, we often stumble across files that are missing on scene.org, productions where the download location has disappeared, or other such complications leading to the unavailability of binaries for productions, music and graphics.

To this end, we've created a tag in the Demozoo system, dubbed Lost, which we tag any productions we cannot localize with - feel free to do so yourself, and please look through the list to see if you see anything you might have in your private file archives. If you have a file on the list (or anything else not readily available), please consider uploading the file to scene.org, to my ftp (ftp.spaceballs.no) or to some other service and just post the link here and we'll take care of getting it hosted.

The query is here: http://demozoo.org/productions/tagged/lost/

Additionally, I will probably use this thread to highlight things missing from scene.org in general - like competitions and results from parties.

Get in! :)

menace - 09:06 23 January 2014 #

The entire 8bpp Graphics competition from Addict Anniversary 2001 in Warsaw, Poland in march of 2001 is missing from scene.org - it would likely have been a subdirectory of grfx, where there is already a 24bit subdirectory.

Competition here: http://demozoo.org/parties/1131/#competition_5444

Any of our Polish friends have kept archives from that era?

menace - 11:32 23 January 2014 #

Compusphere 2005 - lots of competitions have no files available for this party held in june 2005 in Jörlanda, Sweden. The following competitions completely lack any files;

Chip Modules
Combined Fourchannel / Multichannel
High Resolution Graphics
Low Resolution Graphics
Raytraced Graphics
Streamed Music

Demozoo: http://demozoo.org/parties/478/
scene.org: https://www.scene.org/dir.php?dir=/parties/2005/compusphere05/

menace - 13:18 23 January 2014 #

Icons 2012 in Finland is missing files on scene.org for its Graphics, Ibniz Demo, Photo and much of the Music competition.

Demozoo: http://demozoo.org/parties/1338/
scene.org: https://www.scene.org/dir.php?dir=/parties/2012/icons12/

dipswitch - 17:22 23 January 2014 #

Menace, excellent initiative!

What I would like to add is that since we both are members of scene.org now, we actually can make sure these files go straight up to scene.org as soon as we get them. So, if anyone can get hold of any of the missing files, not only demozoo, but also scene.org itself will be very thankful!

menace - 08:28 24 January 2014 #

Dipswitch: Excellent point. :)

Now, the other bit wasn't really announced yet, but what the hell... ;)

menace - 11:40 27 January 2014 #

Very Important Party 2000 (VIP2) is lacking both 2d and 3d graphics files on scene.org. If our French friends could have a look in their archives, that would be much appreciated. :)


menace - 11:43 27 January 2014 #

On to Italy: The Italian Gathering 1998 is missing all graphics, music and pc productions from scene.org - just the amiga productions are there, currently.


menace - 11:46 27 January 2014 #

Another Italian one, and I'll be done for today; Spoletium 1998 also, similarly to The Italian Gathering 1998, has only Amiga productions and nothing else on scene.org. Missing are both graphics and music entries.


argasek - 14:26 27 January 2014 #

menace: for Addict Anniversary prods, I suggest contacting Neuroup/Addict: https://www.facebook.com/lukasz.slowak - if someone has them, it's him :)

menace - 06:04 29 January 2014 #

argasek: Thanks a million for the lead - I will send him a note during the day :)

ltk_tscc - 18:02 29 January 2014 #

GASP 1995 Graphics missing: http://demozoo.org/parties/570/#competition_2068

menace - 12:40 30 January 2014 #

argasek: It took a little more time than I expected, but sent off a notice now, so let's see what the future holds :)

Saga_Musix - 12:52 30 January 2014 #

That reminds me that I tried sending a message to the Addict members some years ago since I wanted an uncompressed version of the MO3 soundtrack from the Miracle demo (http://demozoo.org/productions/57742/), but all addresses were dead. Maybe you could ask for that while you're at it? :) (I'm not on facebork)

menace - 14:28 30 January 2014 #

Saga_Musix: I will probably have good news in a couple of weeks, the guy got back to me and he knew of the location of backup cd's - just needed a couple of weeks to get to them. I was told they containted "everything". I'll keep everyone posted once I know more.

ltk_tscc - 08:55 1 February 2014 #

Musics for PTB 1996 are missing... any frenchman got a clue? http://demozoo.org/parties/1601/#competition_6898

menace - 14:33 20 February 2014 #

Spoletium 2000 has no files from the competitions on scene.org;


menace - 09:55 17 March 2014 #

I found and uploaded Summer Encounter 1997 results to scene.org, and added the results to Demozoo. It would appear this is another pearty where lots of files are missing; so - any Danes out there with archives from back then willing to have a look?


menace - 07:01 18 March 2014 #

The Berzan 1997 graphics entries are not on scene.org, and nowhere else that I could find. Swedes - halp!?


menace - 05:40 20 March 2014 #

Everything but a few Amiga demos are missing from the 680xx Convention 1993 file archive;


menace - 05:41 20 March 2014 #

Err, crap - that should be https://www.scene.org/dir.php?dir=/parties/1993/convention93/ for the second link there :)

menace - 12:43 28 March 2014 #

Primavera Party 1995 is missing most files on scene, org - including ALL of the graphics and music.


ltk_tscc - 11:21 30 March 2014 #

Some of the 680xx graphics entries are on some amiga pack: http://janeway.exotica.org.uk/release.php?id=22822

menace - 20:11 30 March 2014 #

OK, so thanks to ltk_tscc's detective work we have a somewhat more complete graphics competition for that party now at least.

And the graphics files are on their way up to scene.org as we speak. :)

menace - 05:58 1 April 2014 #

Satellite 2000 is missing all graphics and music files over at scene.org, sadly. Anyone who can help find those files?


ltk_tscc - 20:29 3 April 2014 #

hmmm anybody got the mod competition results from dreamhack 1998 ?


I know that Zonk got third place and I also have the file... but the rest is missing: http://dhs.nu/news.php?t=single&ID=356

ltk_tscc - 20:30 3 April 2014 #

Ok silly me... its all on scene.org :)

ltk_tscc - 07:11 10 April 2014 #

Many stuff from Demobit 95 is missing: http://demozoo.org/parties/268/

menace - 19:42 11 August 2014 #

This one is more of a search for the missing party; check the comments on Central Party 1999 and please let us know if you know anything about it;


Any French speakers out there are welcome to help us out in figuring this one out :)

menace - 19:57 11 August 2014 #

...and another demoparty where little or no information is known - Bang! 2000. if you know anything, reply in this thread or in the comments for the party.


dipswitch - 21:10 11 August 2014 #

very interesting find! have you tried asking US americans like phoenix or rad man?

dipswitch - 21:12 11 August 2014 #

asfor central party 1999, apparently it was cancelled. see the last news at the website translated:


Asle - 22:05 11 August 2014 #

September 9 : Central Party is postponed !
Indeed, The city has decided it didn't want to take responsibility of CP, following the security team opinion.
This security team choice is mainly politically motivated since the whole project was put together in accordance to the meeting hall norms.
CP is thus postponed to an unknown date, we are once again on the looking for another meeting hall in the area.

September 2 : Security team slammed down the project for political reasons, Mayor must now take full responsibility of CP for us to continue...
ANSWER : Monday evening... if it's a no, we are on our way to postpone and look out for another hall :{

July 24 : The solution "generator" is selected for the electricity issue : it's the most practical and the less expensive.
Internet access will probably happen via Numeris, if France Telecom agrees

We've already received several examples of logo "CENTRAL PARTY", thx !
You still can sent more examples !
If you're interested, send a mail

menace - 06:02 12 August 2014 #

Thanks for the updates on Central Party, dipswitch and Asle! I'll update the entry accordingly. :)

As for Bang!, I have a couple of feelers out, and some people are getting back to me. Good idea with the two mentioned sceners, I believe I have emailed with both before, so I'm confident I can find their mails and pop a question out there to them.

Demoscene collaborating on research <3

menace - 21:25 11 March 2015 #

This seems totally doable; the MS-DOS musicdisk Cave of Emotions by Procreation seems to not be available for download at the moment - though it appears from the comments on Pouet that it was quite recently and the download link is possibly just a little flaky or unstable?

Anyway, if anyone should happen to be sitting on a copy of pcn_coe.zip we would very much like it to be made available so we can mirror it on scene.org :)


menace - 08:00 7 September 2015 #

A bunch of files for the group Melting Pot was uploaded to scene.org recently, which prompted me to go back and check the status of all their releases. It would appear that there's still a bunch of files missing from this group, that they used to host on their pre-crash planet-d website, and which was unfortunately not mirrored when waybackmachine grabbed the site. Still, lots of people looked at these prods on Pouët back when, so chances are someone has a copy of one or more of these.

If so, please upload to scene.org :)


ltk_tscc - 14:11 7 September 2015 #

I was guilty for the upload :) Same as far Arkham ;)

menace - 08:09 9 September 2015 #

ltk_tscc: yay! :) I did go through the Arkham ones with a fine-tooth comb and weeded out some dupes, but the effort is MUCH appreciated!

Onto another one; Wizard issue 1 by Fnoll Team. This Polish mag was definitely released, but we have been unable to find it thus far. See here for more details; http://demozoo.org/productions/144925/

spiny - 13:52 23 September 2015 #

I think I have an offline copy of the old Hornet archives - would some of the missing files likely be in there? or is all that content already available ?

ltk_tscc - 13:58 23 September 2015 #

Well... if it's not more than on this mirror we should have it:


menace - 10:06 15 November 2016 #

In celebration of the totally made-up "revive and old thread"-day, I hereby present... the mysterious case of the lost files from Oxyron Party 2008. The puzzling bit here is that it's such a recent party, we'd not have expected the files to be missing.

While the demo competitions are pretty well available, absolutely none of the graphics and music are. If you should happen to be sitting on some or all of the files from the competitions at this party, we would be amazingly grateful if you'd care to share with the community at large and upload those files to scene.org.


menace - 04:50 17 November 2016 #

And in the "sometimes it does work" department, I'd like to point out that Spoletium 1998 files (that I posted about above way back in 2014) appeared this week, thanks to Asle :)

dad1916 - 00:08 18 November 2016 #

@menace Oxyron Party 2008 in Incoming.

menace - 13:40 19 November 2016 #

@dad1916: HUGE thanks! Just a few files missing on that now, and let's hope they will surface soon as well :)

blaz - 10:44 4 February 2017 #

hope these will surface soon (remakes and/or videos exist, so binaries or disks also exists)
https://demozoo.org/productions/127655/ (appeared 05/2011)
https://demozoo.org/productions/127651/ (appeared 08/2014)
https://demozoo.org/productions/127650/ (appeared 07/2012)
https://demozoo.org/productions/165683/ (appeared 08/2015)
https://demozoo.org/productions/165685/ (appeared 10/2012)
https://demozoo.org/productions/165682/ (appeared 09/2009)

blaz - 10:47 4 February 2017 #

and more :

blaz - 10:10 8 May 2017 #

flashtro is back... yeah... where are the lost files above... what a good question

menace - 06:37 10 May 2017 #

Blaz: Have you had a good look around ftp.amigascne.org ? I would start looking there, in order to try and find some of the lost ones. Other than that, I find the combination Google + Waybackmachine to often be effective, at least for late 90s and early 00s things.

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