Greetings from Finland and few corrections to mistakes I found

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Resound - 11:02 30 June 2024 #

First of all thanks for preserving these old productions. It has brought back some good memories from the era.

However I'd like to point out I found some errors under my old artist name Resound. You have linked Resound and Krii as same artist, which is not the case.

Correct artist history in chronological order:

-Started with artist name Resolution under TDC
-Switched artist name to Resound
-Later also joined music group Pepper and released a few tracks under that group

I didn't know Krii personally, but probably came in later after I left the group (graduated / went to army etc..)

PS. Glad to see our demo Subconscious is still being preserved and even on Youtube through Pouet. :)

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