BBS ads collection

menace - 12:36 1 February 2014 #

I've been collecting bbs ads for years, and finally figured they didn't serve much purpose just sitting on my harddrive for me to browse. So, here it is. At the time of upload, it's 949 files of text and graphics ads for amiga and console bbs systems ranging from the late 80's until the early 00's.

Have fun.


dipswitch - 12:55 1 February 2014 #

Cool! And here is mine: http://mbox.bz/slurp/ascii/bbsads/

dipswitch - 12:57 1 February 2014 #

published as a bonus in the PAiN diskmag in 2003 - I also managed to incorporate about 2/3 of it into pouet: http://www.pouet.net/boards.php

dipswitch - 13:00 1 February 2014 #

I hope we'll feature BBSs at demozoo one day - it will be awesome to have all the boards / sysops / group affils interlinked in the DB

dipswitch - 13:06 1 February 2014 #

your collection is really awesome! especially since you sorted it by country AND date... real fun to browse. too bad we haven't joined forces on this one back in 2003!

ltk_tscc - 14:32 1 February 2014 #

Nice... not much atari bbses in there :P

menace - 12:17 3 February 2014 #

ltk_tscc: Contributions welcome :)

radman - 20:48 6 February 2014 #

wonderful collections, both of them.

is there a ZIP available of ftp://ftp.spaceballs.no/public/bbs_ads/ ?

menace - 08:45 7 February 2014 #

radman: Well, no, but if you really want one I could always zip it up for you :) It is growing though, so any zip would be outdated pretty quickly. I added ads both last night and this morning.

Just found some software that makes my job AMAZINGLY more simple too, so I will spend less time on securing each banner/ad.

menace - 12:23 30 March 2014 #

Some updates today for ads in the .no, .nl, .de, .us and unknown regions.

Contributions welcome, btw. :)

dipswitch - 14:35 30 March 2014 #

awesome! i hope https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/48 gets realised at some point, then we both can bring our bbs ad collections on a whole new level!

menace - 07:46 17 April 2014 #

A small update to the collection before leaving for Revision, with news ads for Condemned Cell (.de), Endless Death (.de), Fuck Shop (.de), Intec Systems (.de), Pearl Harbour (.de), Universe (.de), Temple of Destruction (.it), Burger Bar (.uk), Fantazma (.uk), The Tower (.uk), Apocalypse (.us), Cybertech (.us), Danse Macabre (.us), Double Vision (.us), First Offense (.us), Planet X (.us), Prime Time (.us), The Boiler Room (.us), The Hole (.us), Tower of Sorcery (.us), USS Enterprise (.us), Zions Hideout (.us) and finally one where we do not currently know the location - The Ghetto.

In fact, there are quite a few boards in the /unknown section, so if you see one you know where is located (preferably with some tangible proof - like an ad with the number, or a bbs list from back when or whatever), then please let us know.

See you in Saarbrücken.

dipswitch - 17:05 17 April 2014 #

Menace, have you compared the unknown ones with the ads in my collection? Perhaps among them are ads of the same boards, but with phone numbers?
Won't be in Saarbrücken sadly - have fun!

dipswitch - 11:45 18 April 2014 #

As for "Dreamland" in the "unknonwn" section, it's the same as the "Dreamland" in the "de" folder. I know because I used to call there and remember their text ads.

sink - 22:12 21 April 2014 #

nice topic! ;)

do you know this collection?


download the zip file and enjoy

i go back on danse macabre.. ciao! ;)

menace - 13:38 23 April 2014 #

dipswitch: Thanks for the Dreamland info, fixed :) I haven't really cheked the unknown directory up against anything, just haven't had the time to sit down and investigate that unfortunately. Too much else to do! That is also part of why I just finally put it all up, so the community can collaborate on it.

sink: Thanks for the link. I am aware of that collection, yeah. I believe it was put together by someone in the 2000's... Could have been Crusader? The memory escapes me momentarily. It's pretty nice, anyway, and I'm glad it exists :)

sink - 18:38 27 April 2014 #

hehe .. for to be honest, i don't know the story of this collection. but this is a gold mine. ;)

euronymous - 00:08 30 June 2014 #

hey guys! thnx for all the nice memories your collections brought back! unfortunately one add which I'm searching since ages (more than 10 years for sure) is missing here too! :(

In my memory it is the greatest bbs advert I've ever seen!

It was an ansi distributed in DMS files from Gates of Asgard BBS.
If I remember right green eyed monster (gEM) made it!

if anyone could get me this one I would be über mega happy!

best regards

menace - 09:47 1 July 2014 #

euronymous: I spoke briefly with the sysop of Gates of Asgard, and unfortunately he does not have his old ads, so I guess it's up to the internet now. We'll search as best we can. :)

Alternatively, if anyone knows contact details for gEM (Dipswitch?), then perhaps he has a copy.

euronymous - 05:37 2 July 2014 #

menace: cool :)

we would need someone with a lot DMS files from that time! A LOT of stuff I had passed GOA at this time, should be the same for most other sceners aswell I think.

all I have left from my Amiga time is a backup of my BBS (which never was online officially) on Amiga HD disks. Would be nice to get this stuff onto my PC somehow but no idea how I could read them.
also they are packed with a backup software (probably Amiback Tools or Diavolo Backup) and secured by a password, which I can remember very likely hehe.

menace - 08:26 2 July 2014 #

euronymous: Well, the whole dumping the disks to pc I can help with :) And the password thing I know some people who can help with, I'm sure. Send me an email to glennlunder74 hot gmail blink com and we'll talk.

menace - 13:24 8 July 2014 #

Mini-update today, with new ads for Crack House, Invisible Crime and Techno House in Germany (none of which had ads in the collection beforehand), Asylum in Italy, Boondocks, Dream Scape (new!), Logic System, Network and State Dreams in Holland, and finally Ice Station Zebra, Terminal Frost (new!) and The Void in the USA.

As usual, if you want to contribute ads to the collection, poke me on irc or by email, or simply upload to the ftp and I'll sort it out.

Have fun :)

menace - 20:17 24 July 2014 #

Another small update, with news ads for Candyland from Belgium (not on the site previously), Schizophrenia in Germany (albeit only an upgraded ad), Mercyful Fate in Denmark, a particularly fun one for Paradise City in Spain (featuring some ascii nudity), Imperial Waste in Norway, and finally a bunch of American boards: Akira Project, Amiga Network (new to the site), Danse Macabre, Martyrium, Sinister (new to the site), Stormbringer, Terrordome (new to the site), The Boiler Room, The Forbidden City and finally Thrust.

If anyone has anything they want preserved on the ftp related to this or the demoscene in general, let me/us know. Contact details on the motd on the site, just reply here, come find us on irc, or just drop presents in /incoming.

menace - 08:37 1 June 2015 #

It's been a while, but I just pushed a large-ish update including Aurora Borealis, Beverly Hills House, Broadway (additional), Cosmic Trance, Paradise Lost, Rat-A-Tack, Trash City, Uphold The Law (additional) in Germany, Mercyful Fate (addtional), Sky Tower (additional), The Northern Palace (additional) in Denmark, Mos Eisley in Finland, Paradise Dreams (additional), Temple of Gurus (additional) in Italy, Last Outpost (additional), The Hideout in the Netherlands, Checkpoint (additional), Discustin, Middle Earth in Norway, The Bitch in Poland, The Low Spark (additional) in Portugal, Angel Dust (additional), Another World, Atlantic, Datastorm (additional), Far Out (additional), The Beyond (additional), The Dungeon (additional), Trancentral (additional), Virtual Trap in Sweden, Beyond Reality (additional), Fine Line (additional), Spaced Out (additional) in the UK, Akira Project (additional), Amiga East, Danse Macabre (additional), Death Row (additional), Mirage (additional), Reign In Blood (additional), The Boiler Room (additional), The Specialist, Wrath of Khan (additional) in USA - and finally, new adds for Desolation Row and Vultures were added to the unknown_location directory.

The Bitch marks the first ad from Poland - hopefully the first of many :)

menace - 11:32 3 November 2015 #

A super mini update today, just because I stumbled across a few - new adds for Undercover (se), Undiscovered (nl) and Instant Pleasure (se).

I've actually got a good few new ones collected, and just waiting for merging into the collection, so hopefully I can have that up for you in the next few days :)

menace - 12:19 7 November 2015 #

...and here we are again. Today, we have updates for the following BBS'es; Pleasure (at, new!), Last Desire (be, new!), Nigthshift (be, new!), Acid Slam (de), Men-Tel (de, new!), Spirit of Soul (de), The Larch (dk), High Five (fi, new!), The Zoo (fi, new!), Disneyland (se, new!), Flashback (se), Stagedive (se), Beyond Reality (uk), Burger Bar (uk), Lost Dutchman Mine (usa, new!), Mega-Lo-Mania (usa), Mortuary (usa), Psycho Termainal (usa, new!) and Social Disease (usa, new!).

Hope you all enjoy, and always remember - just let me know if you have anything to contribute to the collection :)

sensenstahl - 13:07 10 November 2015 #

I just added 2 bbs' for "digital zone" to the database. The 32k has an awesome tune, so check it out! :)

dipswitch - 14:29 11 November 2015 #

menace, i'll send you a huge pile of unsorted text ads in the next days! =)

menace - 05:24 12 November 2015 #

dipswitch: Oooooh. Looking forward to it :)

dipswitch - 10:16 14 November 2015 #

there they are! check spaceballs incoming

menace - 06:01 17 November 2015 #

Preliminary sorting has begun! :)

dipswitch - 01:45 27 December 2015 #

here's a very cool blog post about the amiga bbs scene in auckland, new zealand: http://www.codetapper.com/amiga/random-rants/auckland-bulletin-board-systems/

menace - 21:16 12 March 2017 #

So, this is one of my many side-projects that have been slowly cooking in the background as I've been doing other things, and new files have crept into the collection all the time. So, since our last update we've seen entirely new or updated files relating to the following bbs'es; Above The Law (de), Akira (us), Another World (pl), Aquarium (se), Arcadia (uk), Atmosphere (nl), Bermuda (nl), Big Bug (fr), Big Top (uk), Black Heaven (be), Black Moon (de), Boom (de), Boondocks (nl), Brain Dead (ch), Brooklyn Zoo (us), Brutal Approach (nl), Burger Bar (uk), Cadavar (de), Carrier of Belief (be), Cement City (uk), Central Park (be), Chaos Line (de), Checkpoint (no), Consolia (be), Cool Corona (nl), Corner (de), Cosmic Circus (de), Cryptic Slaughter (de), Cyclone (nl), Dark Illusion (at), Dark Storm (pl), Dark Sun (au), Datalus (uk), Datura (nl), Dawn Raid (uk), Decibel Overload (fr), Deep Space Nine (de), Defiance (ke), Desert Storm (de), Desert Strike (de), Devils Desire (uk), Devils Point (de), Digital Candy (uk), Digital Extasy (us), Digital World (de), Doom of Extasy (de), Dreamlands (fr), Dream Scape (nl), Drive By Shootin (de), Esta Loco (nl), Eternal Slavery (uk), European Underground (de), Faceless World (de), Fatal Imagine (de), Fatal Justice (uk), Flight Into Fantasy (be), Forgotten Realms (us), Formula II (dk), Foxxs Den (de), Fractal Sky (hu), Free Station (pl), Freedom Within (uk), Freekworld (de), Gates of Asgard (us), Grimreapers Graveyard (uk), Heavens Door (de), Hitman (is), Homeboy Land (at), Homeless (de), House of House (de), Hysteria (us), Icebreaker (fi), Insanitary (se), Inside Out (se), Key West (de), Last Resort (nl), Link to Perfection (us), Macho City (nl), Main Source (us), Mental Overdose (be), Monkey Island (de), Mortuary (us), Nightfall (se), No Limit (de), No Vegetables (nl), Northern X Posure (uk), Notice (us), Number of the Beast (hu), Pit Stop (no), Pleasure Dome (at), Rave Line (de), Ravers Paradise (de), Retaliators Place (is), Rocka Rolla (tr), Sacred Grounds (be), Sanxion (uk), Seaquest (de), Sky Tower (dk), Sleep City (nl), Spatula City (us), Spirit of Soul (de), Splatter Punk (de), Split Seven (tr), Stonehenge (nl), Styx (us), Temple of Dreams (de), The Altar (nl), The Badlands (de), The Deadline (fr), The Edge (uk), The Edge (us), The Experience (de), The House (it), The Household (nl), The Larch (dk), The Pub (de), The Rising Hope (de), The Switchboard (de), The Undercover (de), The Void (us), The Yard (de), Top In (de), Tornado (fi), Total Disaster (se), Total Overdose (se), Trelli Ikojenia (ch), Trip To Nowhere (de), TRSI German HQ (de), Undercover (se), Undiscovered (nl), Unnamed Lands (ag), USS Enterprise (us), Virtual Energy (de), Warez Unlimited (dk), Waterdeep (se), Whiplash (de), Wicked City (nl), World of Elite (nl), World Trade Center (at), Yench House (se) and Zone One (de). Plus, a couple of group ads for Bonzai and Osiris.

So, not a lot. ;) Big up to Dipswitch on this one, who supplied me with a huge pack from his personal collection, a good chunk of which is in this update.

As an added bonus, we have no less than four new countries represented in the collection - France, Hungary, Israel and Kenya (!).

As there was some demand for a zipped-up version of all the ads, I'll make sure to make one and put in the root for anytone who wants to grab the entire thing. As always, poke me with corrections, questions, or if you're sitting on a bunch of files that you'd want to share. There's still a bunch of unidentifed boards/unreadable ads and so forth, so if you know something we don't - let us know.


dipswitch - 21:17 12 March 2017 #


menace - 21:27 12 March 2017 #

It was pointed out to me that .il is Israel's TLD, naturally. Sorry for that goof. Kindly translate the is'es to il's in your minds. Thank you. :)

menace - 19:28 15 March 2017 #

So, I was sort-of on a roll, plus I got a nice submission of Atari bbs ads from Lotek Style - and hence a minor update was in order :)

Broadway (de), Central Data (ch), Cosmic Circus (de), Evil Moon (de), Heavens Trash (se), Hidden (de), Last Resort (de), Lateenos (unknown), Night Box (de), Outer Rim (nl), Paybax (us), Prophet's Hold (se), Skullbuggery (us), Slaytanic (de), State of Aversia (de), The Board (de), The Hidden (de), The Void (us), Undiscovered (nl), USS Enterprise (us) and Wet Dreamz (se) are new or have new additions.

For the next update (not in three more days, sorry!) I'll try and start to separate out the Canada from the USA. I was a bit lazy for all of the +1's :)

menace - 04:34 21 September 2018 #

Good morning! Along with your coffe and breakfast, let me just quickly serve you up a small update to my bbs ads collection. This one features our first Croatian and Serbian boards. In addition to the usual cleanup and reorganization, it features new or updated ads from the following boards;

Acid Slam (de), Akira Project (us), Alpha (us), Amnesia (nl), Another Universe (us), Aquarium (se), Asylum (se), Atlantic (se), Atmosphere (nl), Atrocity Exhibition (se), Aurora Borealis (de), Baffle Fields (dk), Bermuda (nl), Beyond Reality (uk), Blackboard (se), Black Hole (rs), Blackys Kneipe (ch), Boondocks (nl), Brain Crash (de), Brain Disruptor (se), Broadway (de), But 4 Warez (nl), Chaos (se), Checkpoint (no), Cement City (uk), City of Joy (se), Cloudkill (fi), Coldslam (nl), Cosmic Circus (de), Cosmic Trance (de), Craptown (de), Crashpoint (de), Critical Zone (dk), Cyber Garden (be), Cyclone (nl), Dagoberts Revende (de), Danger Zone (de), Danzig (de), Dark Side (de), Dark Tower (se), Datastorm (se), Death Row (us), Dial Hard (ch), Digital Candy (uk), Digital Harem (it), Digital Highway (se), Digital-X (nl), Disaster Area (no), Discustin (se), Djungeltrumman (se), Domestic Subway (se), Doom of Extasy (de), Doxology (be), Dragons Lair (se), Drive by Shootin' (de), Dying Degree (fi), Eek A Mouse (be), Electronic Confusion (dk), Enigma (be), Eternity (no), Europes Heart (de), Extreme Terror (de), Fantazia (uk), Fast File System (de), Fastrax (us), Fatal Connexxion (hu), Filadelfia (fi), Final Impact (se), First Division (se), Flashback (se), Flying Dragon (de), Forgotten Realms (uk), Forgotten Worlds (nl), Fortress (be), Freakout (se), Freds World (se - hi Fred!), Free Station (pl), Freedom (uk), Freolium (se), Fucktory (de), Future Entrance (se), Gates of Asgard (us), Genetic Waste (nl), Gods Harem (de), Gurus Dream (se), Hall of Fame (de), Hall of Fame (se), Havok (uk), Heavens Door (de), Hidden Entry (de), Hidden Power (it), High Five (fi), Highlander (nl), Honchos Heaven (se), House of Pain (uk), Infinite Dreams (ca), Infinite Power (se), Infinity (nl), Insanitary (se), Interchange (se), Internal Affairs (se), Island of Consoles (uk), Kings Crown (de), Ko 2000 (se), Kwik-E-Mart (de), Last Legend (nl), Last Resort (de), Last Resort (se), Logic System (nl), Los Endos (de), Magic Darkness (de), Main Source (de), Martyrium (us), Metal Impact (be), Mindloss (de), Most Wanted (no - hi Arcane!), Motion One (se), My Secret Garden (nl), Mystic Places (us), Mystical Places (nl), Network (nl), Nirvana (us), No Impulse (se), No Vegetables (nl), Northern Palace (dk), Nostromo (se), Nota Bene (se), Notre Dame (de), Nuclear Research (de), Number of the Beast (pl), Outbreak (se), Paradise City (de), Paradise Dreams (it), Paradise Lost (de), Pet Sematary (se), Pirates Haven (us), Planet-E (hr), Plastic Dreams (se), Premium (se), Reality Bytes (no), Receiver (se), Road to Nowhere (us), Rubberland (se), Scepsis (nl), Schizophrenia (de), Secret Cinema (be), Short Sharp Shock (uk), Sky Tower (dk), Skyline (se), Slammer (se), Sporadic Line (it), South Central (se), Spaced Out (uk), Splatter House (uk), Synergy (de), Temple of Dreams (de), The Ambush (de), The Beyond (se), The Bitch (hu), The Board (de), The Brothers (nl), The Bytes World (fi), The Edge (us), The Hidden (de), The Lost Pyramid (us), The Notice (usa), The Origin (nl), The Payoff (nl), The Sect (pl), The Seventh Gate (se), The Switchboard (de), The Undiscovered (nl), The Unknown (nl), The Void (us), The Wilderness (nl), The Yard (de), TNT BBS (nl), Top In (de), Total Addiction (de), Total Confusion (nl), Total Eclipse (se), Trade Central (dk), Traders World (de), Trelli Ikojenia (ch), Trip to Nowhere (de), Twisted Society (se), Ufoland (pl), Underground Empire (de), Uzi Suicide (us), Virtual Theater (de), Virtual Trap (se), Vultures (us), Warehouse (se), Wasted Youth (se), Wastelands (se), Welsh Coast (uk), Who Cares (us), Wild Palms (nl), Wizards Guild (nl), World of Elite (nl), Zenlandia (fi), Zero Hour (de), Zillion Hours (fi), Zions Hideout (us), Znickerz (de), Zooropa (nl).

In addition to providing the ads "plain", we also provide a zip'ed up version if you want to download it locally. Just for comparison with the last update, let me give you the filesize of that zip;

2017-03-15: 1,891,488 bytes
2018-09-21: 2,881,361 bytes

m0rbid - 22:58 10 November 2018 #

Menace: In the unknown section there's an add for The Pyramid. That was definatly a korean box. I know since I used to be a frequent user of it since it was asian hq of my group several times.

menace - 07:13 11 November 2018 #

m0rbid: Hey, thanks! I'll update that locally, and it'll be in the next update I push up - which may very well be sooner than you think :)

m0rbid - 11:07 11 November 2018 #

Menace: Cool. I'll try asking some old sysops and sceners I know if they know any of the other unknowns around.

menace - 06:49 13 December 2018 #

I'll be putting out a new update of this during the Demozoo Hackathon #3, just FYI. :)

menace - 11:25 26 January 2019 #

So, as promised - an update is in the usual place, for perusal at your leisure. This time there's a few more site ads too, from the era when the scene slowly shifted from bbs'es to ftp. The following sites and boards are new or have updates:

4 Past Midnight (us), Absolute (de), Ace (fr), Air Force One (unknown), Ambassador Warez Heaven (us), Arrakis (unknown), Arrested Development (ca), A Touch of Eternity (se), Basic Instinct (no), Bitspersecond (unknown), Black Sabbath (se), Boondocks (nl), Brain Damage (de), Caligula (nl), Camlot (de), Checkpoint (no), Crime Ring ][ (us), Crossed Bones (nl), Cybergarden (no), Dark Room (se), Digital Express (no), Digital Underground (no), Digital World (de), Dumpers Den (us), Elite Seven (se), Far Out (se), Final Impact (se), Fire Site (unknown), Flashback (se), Freek World (de), Guardians of Doom (us), Harvest Moon (no), High N Dry (se), Highway 2 Hell (unknown), Hysteria (se), Hysteria (us), Imperial Dominion (it), Infinite Power (se), Interchange (se), Last Outpost (nl), Logic System (nl), Magnetic Fields (unknown), Major Malfunction (unknown), Maxxed Out (us), Mea Culpa (dk), Most Wanted (no), Mystical Places (nl), Nemesis (nl), Noisette (de), Nuclear Dust (unknown), Paradise Dreams (it), Phantom (nl), Plastic Passion (dk), Prophets Hold (se), Prospect Park (se), QuadCon (unknown), Ratz Hole (us), Repulse (se), Sanctuary (se), Scepsis (nl), Second (unknown), Spatula City (us), Spyrits Crypt (us), Stagedive (se), Star Shop (unknown location), Supremacy (it),Terminal Underground (de), The Eagle (se), The Center (de), The Pits (us), The Soul Asylum (us), The Trip (us), The Undiscovered (nl), The Wolves House (unknown), Toxic Insult (us), Trespass (se), Undercover (se), USS Enterprise (us), Valhalla (unknown), Videodrome (se), Vision Factory (unknown), Warp 9 (unknown), Watchtower (se), Who Cares (ca), Wicked City (nl), Zenlandia (se).

menace - 05:17 11 July 2019 #

To celebrate Solskogen happening this weekend - yay! - I updated the collection to bring it up to speed with my current local copy. Since last time I naturally moved around a bunch of files, cleaned up here and there, and added a bunch more stuff. The following sites and boards are new or have updates:

Acid Rain (uk), Acid Slam (de), Aerosouls (fi), Alternate Reality (ca), Bermuda Holland (nl), Black Corsair (es), Black Line (de), Boondocks (nl), Cafe Bagdad (de), Canadian Mist (ca), Childs Play (us), Complex Corrosion (us), Crazy World (pl), Crossed Bones (nl), Dark Force (de), Dark Tower (us), Defiance (de), Devils Point (de), Doom of Extasy (de), Dope House (se), Doxology (be), Free Station (pl), Freekworld (de), Gates of Asgard (us), Gateway to Hell (de), Heavens Door (de), Human Error (au), Information Superhighway (il), Krankenhaus (ca), Last Outpost (nl), Lucretia (il), Men-Tel (de), Mystical Places (nl), Network (nl), Nirvana (us), Noisette (de), No Man's Land (fr), Northern X-Posure (uk), N.S.S (unknown), Obituary (us), Offshore (uk), Palladium (se), Paradise Lodge (uk), Pirates Heaven (us), Prayer Tower (de), Provocation (se), Red October (nl), Retaliators Place (il), Ruins of Wisdom (nl), Sentry City (us), Seventh Heaven (nl), Sleep City (nl), Snakes Den (us), Spatula City (us), Stampede (us), Starglider (de), Tau Ceti (es), Terminal Zone (nl), The Abyss (no), The Cadence (de), The Charge (de), The Edge (us), The Graveyard (uk), The Hole (us), The Household (se), The Junction (de), The Krypt (uk), The Notice (ca), The Switchboard (de), The Yard (de), Tower of Sorcery (us), Unknown (nl), USS Enterprise (us), VSF (unknown), Warp 9 (nl), Wasted Time (fi), Who Cares (ca), Zenlandia (fi).

menace - 08:49 2 November 2019 #

Time for a tiny update - have had some contributions lately (not all of which are in the collection yet), but a refresh felt in order either way. :) Thanks to Nosferatu and Dipswitch for contributions this time! Without further ado, we have news for the following bbs'es;

Akira (ca), Antarctica (de), Asylum (se), Bad Dreams (uk), Black Hole (rs), Black Line (de), Boondocks (nl), Burning Desire (ch), Cement City (uk), Concept Elite (us), Cross Over (unknown), Danse Macabre (us), Danzig (de), Dark Sun (au), Dark Tower (us), Datastorm (se), Devils Shelter (it), Dial Hard (ch), Digital Express (no), Digital Playground (unknown), Digital Underground (de), Digital-X (nl), Dimension-X (nl), Discustin' (se), Eleventh Hour (us), Elusive Dream (us), Empire City (us), Flashback (se), Flying Teapot (uk), Free Station (pl), Guts'n'Glory (no), Harvest Moon (no), Hotline (no), Ice Station Zebra (us), Insanitary (se), Interchange (se), Living Chaos (uk), Kranken Haus (ca), Last Outpost (nl), Maniacs Den (no), Men-Tel (de), Metropolis (es), Needful Things (tr), Neo Tokyo (be), Neon City (nl), Outbreak (se), Programmers World (us), Psychosis (us), Random Access Piracy Empire (us), Secret Cinema (be), Sky Tower (dk), Solar System (il), Spirit of Soul (de), State Dreams (nl), Strange Land (it), Temple of Gurus (it), The Dwelling (us), The Final Frontier (us), The Notice (ca), The Undiscovered (nl), Traders Dream (ca), Trash City (us), Twin Peaks (se), Unknown (nl).

Got some ads lying around? Hit me up!

gEm - 22:23 20 May 2020 #

So many great memories! Didn't know I ever made my BBS number public until today haha. Haven't seen it in 20+ years.

Thank you very much guys!

dipswitch - 14:01 22 May 2020 #

woah, gEm, great to see you around! one of my ascii heroes from back in the days.

menace - 06:38 20 June 2020 #

gEm: Glad you got enjoyment from it :)

So, I figured it was time for an update before I got on with today. Been diving into a lot of old files lately and finding a lot of ads, so in this edition you can find our first ever New Zealand bbs ad, as well as a new section on warez cd's.

Have fun, and feel free to contact me if you can help, as usual - contact details in the text file on the site :)

5th Dimension (se), Ace (fr), Addiction (us), Admiral's Datamine BBS (hu), AGA Amiga (us), Age of Trance (de), Agents of Fortune (us), Agony (fr), Akira (ca), Ambient Hauze (ru), Ambiquous (ca), Amiga Only (us), Angel Dust (ar), The Arcade BBS (us), Army of Darkness (de), Artwave (se), The Asylum BBS (be), Bad Dreams (uk), Beyond The Limit (il), The Black Abyss (hu), Bodycount (dk), Boondocks (nl), Brutal Approach (nl), Burger Bar (uk), Caligula (nl), Central Station (nl), Checkpoint (no), Chronic Zone (se), Coastal Carnage (au), Covert Operation (unknown), Dark Tower (us), Death Simple (nl), Def Syndicate (se), Desaster Area (unknown location), Digital Playground (unknown), Digital-X (nl), Dimention XXX (us), Doom of Extasy (de), Dream Land (us), Dream Machine (be), Empire Palace (de), Eternal Chaos (nl), European Service Center (de), Express (au), Fantasia (au), Fortress (be), Freekworld (de), Freolium (se), Fun Factory (unknown), Global Effect (se), Hang Loose (nl), Heavens Door (de), House of Kicks (se), Human Error (au), Infinite Dreams (ca), Instant Pleasure (se), Key West (de), Killing Time (nz), Land of Confusion (us), Last Resort (se), Light House (de), Lithium (us), Manic (unknown), Maximum Overkill (se), Maximum Rock'n'Roll (de), Medusa's Domain (ca), Metropolis (be), Milestone (unknown), Neon City (nl), Nightfall (se), Nirvana (us), Noisette (de), N.S.S. (unknown), One Man Crew (il), Operation X (us), Pit Stop (no), Police Leech Dump (unknown), Red Ligth District (ca), Secured Area (unknown location), Silverado (nl), Social Disease (us), Solar System (il), Spirit of Soul (de), Stallion (nl), Starglider (de), Sylvana (nl), System One (de), The Attic (nl), The Ghetto (us), The Lost World (se), The Northern Palace (dk), Tombstone (unknown location), Trash (de), USS Enterprise (us), Vampyre's Lair (us), Wicked City (nl).

gEm - 21:45 1 October 2020 #

dipswitch: Thanks mate!

menace: yeah, a lot! Impressive collection guys. FYI - Maximum Rock'n'Roll was my BBS.

Asle - 21:52 2 October 2020 #

gEm, any material left from back then ? I mean the data and the listing (not the confs) :)
Have to ask ;)

menace - 11:55 4 October 2020 #

Update time :) It's been a while again, so here is the latest. From now on, the list will be distributed on scene.org as I am winding down the ftp.


We have updates for the following: Ace of Spades (se), Akira (ca), Altar of Sacrifice (nl), Amnesia (nl), Arrested Development (us), Asylum (it), Asylum Altered State (se), Atlantic (se), Backstage (ca), Bad Dreams (uk), Bermuda Holland (nl), Beyond the Cemetery (ca), Blacky's Kneipe (ch), Boondox (nl), Borderline (us), Burger Time (uk), Chameleon (fi), Chemical Genocide (au), Civil War (ch), Cryptic Slaughter (de), Cyclone (nl), Damage Inc (it), Datalus (uk), Deadline (ca), Delirium I (de), Digital Chaos (us), Digital Extasy (us), Digital Illusions (us), Doom of Extasy (de), Doxology (be), Dreamface (se), Endless Death (de), Enigma (be), Esta Loco (nl), Every Ware (no), Fantazia (uk), First Division (se), Flashback (se), Fortress (be), Free Station (pl), Incognito (ca), Interchange (se), Last Resort (nl), Masturbation Station (us), Metal Impact (de), Methadone (fi), Mystical Places (nl), Nightfall (se), Northern Palace (dk), Nota Bene (se), N.S.S. (unknown location), Nose Fuck (nl), No Vegetables (nl), Nuclear Assault (ca), Obscene Phobia (se), Pentium (dk), Permanent Vacation (uk), Phantom (nl), Pipeline (us), Play Ground (us), Prophets Hold (se), Ruins of Wisdom (nl), Scepsis (nl), Secret Cinema (be), Silverado (nl), Sky Tower (dk), Starglider (de), State Prison (nl), Tau Ceti (it), Temple of Light (uy), The Cavern (uk), The Chameleon (fi), The Channel (dk), The Edge (nl), The Enquisition (us), The Hidden (de), The Hype (nl), The Pits (us), The Shop (nl), The Specialist (us), The Tower (uk), The Undiscovered (nl), The Viper Room (ca), The Void (us), The Wilderness (nl), Twisted Society (se), USS Enterprise (us), Veil of Darkness (us), Villa Straylight (de), Vultures Nest (ca), Wet Dreams (us), Wicked City (nl), World of Elite (nl), Zillion Hours (fi), Zions Hideout (us).

In addition there's the usual updates, corrections and so forth, and we've added the first bbs ad from Uruguay.

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