Demo tools & commercial demos

tomaes - 11:50 10 February 2014 #

So, what is the consensus regarding tools? Is it as muddy as it is on pouet? ;)

On the other hand, the pages of groups like Triton or Future Crew don't feel complete without their (probably) most important releases.

Same with commercial demos, made for companies and money. I guess those should just be tagged appropriately? :)

dipswitch - 11:53 10 February 2014 #

I think as long as a tool has been released as a scene product by a scene entity (having a file_id.diz and group infofile, listed in the group's release list etc.), it's a valid addition.

As for commercial demos, it's hard to say - I guess it's a scene release if it's released by sceners under their handles and/or their group.

menace - 12:56 10 February 2014 #

Everything that dipswitch just said. Crinkler is a demoscene tool, 3D Mark is not.

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