Meet your favourite Demozoo staff and give them beers!

menace - 12:36 11 February 2014 #

Here at Demozoo headquarters, we really really like demoparties. So much so, that between us we visit most of them. I thought it might be beneficial to have a thread about what parties we're going to, so you'll know who to look for if you want to have a chat or a beer or offer us single malt whiskey and/or cognac.

Personally I'll be at Datastorm this coming weekend, not sure if any of the other staff is (don't think so). And then I expect pretty much all of us will be at Revision.

Come up and have a chat, we'd love your feedback!

dipswitch - 12:38 11 February 2014 #

I'll be at Evoke (in Cologne/Germany) in August, rather unlikely that I'll be able to make it to any other demoparty this year.

T-101 - 14:05 11 February 2014 #

Revision it is! Sadly the beer in Germany is sooo expensive...

dipswitch - 22:30 11 February 2014 #

even for a finn? :P

zefyros - 10:44 13 February 2014 #

H7 and I will also be at Datastorm!

menace - 18:36 14 February 2014 #

I am here and NOONE has given me free beer yet. This is an absolute outrage.

Saga_Musix - 19:23 17 February 2014 #

menace, quite obviously you're not their favourite Demozoo staff. ;)
Will be at Revision, Outline, Evoke, Buenzli and tUM if all goes well, and maybe some others if it goes even better.

dwarf - 19:28 17 February 2014 #

menace you old fart, remind me when at revision that I want to give you a beer and a schnapps!

menace - 20:05 18 February 2014 #

So, to conclude, I am not quite as young and sexy as Saga_Musix, but dwarf loves me even if I am old! \o/

ltk_tscc - 19:01 30 April 2014 #

I will be at Outline 2014... so if anybody wants to have a chat there :) btw I prefer Coffee not beer ;)

dipswitch - 23:28 30 April 2014 #

I'll be there too. And drink both. =)

Saga_Musix - 14:00 1 May 2014 #

Reporting for duty at Outline!

Ramonb5 - 16:51 6 May 2014 #

Outline (with probably more from dSr clan)

ltk_tscc - 21:42 1 June 2014 #

It was nice to meet a few guys from the Staff at the party (Gasman, Dipswitch, Saga Musix).

menace - 12:26 7 July 2014 #

So, Solskogen. I will be there and I will be thirsty.

T-101 - 23:25 7 July 2014 #

That goes double for me!

revival - 19:19 9 October 2014 #

Whoøs coming to TRSAC and are you comfortable with tap or do you prefer something more adventurous? :)

menace - 18:40 28 November 2014 #

Compusphere, WHAT UP!? I brought cognac for everyone.

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