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slummy - 14:05 22 January 2020 #

I believe that this intro may never have existed: https://demozoo.org/productions/26952/ :)

The intro that actually got 3rd at ECC93 seems to have been this one: https://demozoo.org/productions/223774/

However, I suspect that a mixup between Mr.Coke (Swedish, coder of the latter one) and Coke (Norwegian, coder in Stone Arts) has led to the conclusion that Stone Arts must have released a "Party Intro" at ECC93. :)

And, to make things even more fun, it seems like the Swedish Mr.Coke actually has two entries on demozoo
Coke: https://demozoo.org/sceners/4085/
Mr.Coke: https://demozoo.org/sceners/4802/

The reason for believing this is that one of the Cizeron prods credited to Coke clearly shows "Mr.Coke" in the screenshot. The overlap of other members (like Skutt & Morris) between Hardcore Design (where Mr.Coke was a member) and Cizeron also adds credibility to this, I guess. :)

So, in short:
- Remove the Stone Arts party intro because it probably never existed
- Work out whether *all* the stuff credited to Coke (https://demozoo.org/sceners/4802/) is from the same guy (maybe check with Chucky / The Gang?) and if so merge Coke and Mr.Coke (but keep Norwegian Coke out of it).


slummy - 14:10 22 January 2020 #

Blargh, the last link was to the wrong entry (Mr.Coke instead of Coke).

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