Fix me beautiful

RufUsul - 22:15 28 September 2017 #

please add real name "Gregor Ehrenstein" to https://demozoo.org/sceners/3827/
(see e.g. http://www.4players.de/4players.php/dispbericht/Spielkultur/Special/7020/81176/0/4Sceners.html)

exocet - 12:17 29 September 2017 #

RufUsul: done! Thanks for your contribution.

Creonix - 00:53 2 October 2017 #

https://demozoo.org/parties/3473/ and https://demozoo.org/parties/3474/ are same party

Asle - 11:17 2 October 2017 #

https://demozoo.org/productions/100822/ is a dupe of https://demozoo.org/productions/28126/

exocet - 13:36 2 October 2017 #

Creonix: fixed, thanks for letting us know.

Asle: thanks, already fixed by someone apparently :)

Creonix - 02:10 3 October 2017 #

You re welcome. I got other one.

and https://demozoo.org/productions/178896/

are same prod, just one added as invitation, other one as entry.

menace - 06:41 3 October 2017 #

Thanks Creonix! I kept the one with the lowest production number, and made sure all the information was properly moved over.

nyuk - 06:42 4 October 2017 #

Please remove this screeenshot: https://media.demozoo.org/screens/o/e3/c5/2085.pl236776.png
from this production: https://demozoo.org/graphics/175452/

(this is screen from another prod with same name)

tomaes - 08:30 4 October 2017 #

nyuk: Done.

naavis - 18:43 8 October 2017 #

Please remove this screenshot: https://media.demozoo.org/screens/o/ab/ce/f600.148367.png
from this production: https://demozoo.org/productions/179169/screenshots/

It's a low quality borderless version, I added a better one already.

ltk_tscc - 19:18 8 October 2017 #

Navis: done.

Terwiz - 10:22 9 October 2017 #

Please remove production: https://demozoo.org/productions/179174/
I accidentally added it to production category, it should have been in graphics.
There's correct entry in graphics already: https://demozoo.org/graphics/179175/
My bad, sorry!

Saga_Musix - 14:28 9 October 2017 #

Done. By the way, you do not need to add credits to single-person productions. If there is a graphics entry by a single person, it is obvious that this person has made the graphics, so there is no need to fill out the credits section for it.

jmph - 21:52 19 October 2017 #

Argh, seems I can't do anything right rolling out this prod. I added my little tech demo game thing not realizing Sens had already added it, as it was sitting somewhere down the new releases list. Please merge these two entries (note: keep the downloads & info from the later one as it points to version 1.1 which has a major bugfix.)


(Also, yes, as gone over on Pouet, I'm working on better hosting... Give me a few days to sort that out & I'll update it.)

Incidentally is there any way to label the two dl links? One of them points to the DOS version and the other one points to the Mac & Linux ports, but it's not obvious which is which.

menace - 04:20 20 October 2017 #

jmph: Fixed! :)

Also, there is this thing called scene.org that does file hosting. If you want, feel free to join our Slack team - http://slack.demozoo.org/ to get invited - and poke me whenever something needs a home. I'll help you out.

As for the ability to label download links, that's been a long requested feature, and is one of our earliest issues still open on our github - https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/15 - it basically needs a dev that is interested in fixing that specific issue.

FlashyLamer - 00:35 23 October 2017 #

these entries (except lug00ber's entry cuz i fixed it) has wrong type. it's wrongly set to perfomance (which, of course is classified as a prod) and not music.

nyuk - 07:32 23 October 2017 #

Please remove this screenshot: https://media.demozoo.org/screens/o/33/ae/951e.149065.png from this prod: https://demozoo.org/graphics/131332/

This is screen from another prod with same title: https://demozoo.org/graphics/179517/

exocet - 11:47 23 October 2017 #

Nyuk: Done, thanks for letting us know.

Puni - 07:56 24 October 2017 #

These are the same:



Please remove https://demozoo.org/productions/179537/ which I added earlier. Sorry about this.

Puni - 07:58 24 October 2017 #

Oh man, I meant please remove this one https://demozoo.org/productions/179509/


tomaes - 11:28 24 October 2017 #

Done. :)

FlashyLamer - 13:39 24 October 2017 #


TomoAlien - 01:24 26 October 2017 #

Could I have my real name removed from my scener entry? Thanks in advance!

FlashyLamer - 01:48 26 October 2017 #

ok so i had to fix it myself
please delete these
it's mistakenly labelled as a prod
and i cant change it into music

menace - 06:36 26 October 2017 #

@FlashyLamer: So you added a bunch of dupes instead of waiting for an admin? If you need something fixed urgently, I recommend going to our Slack instead of doing... well, that.

ltk_tscc - 16:46 27 October 2017 #

TomoAlien: removed :)

mr.sam - 18:05 27 October 2017 #


screenshot double added. sorry.

ltk_tscc - 20:17 27 October 2017 #

mr.sam: removed :)

nyuk - 06:02 2 November 2017 #

Please remove this screen: https://media.demozoo.org/screens/o/74/d5/2eb4.149658.png
from this prod: https://demozoo.org/graphics/151691/

menace - 07:31 2 November 2017 #

nyuk: Done.

nyuk - 09:01 17 November 2017 #

Please remove this party: https://demozoo.org/parties/3401/
This is clone of https://demozoo.org/parties/2930/

menace - 14:01 17 November 2017 #

nyuk: Thanks for spotting that! We had a lot of trouble with the user that added that for a while, he made a bunch of dupes. We've caught most of them, but every so often we spot a new one. Thanks again for being alert! :)

rahow - 12:21 20 November 2017 #

Hi, i add a prod i didn't find first, then i realise it already exist...
It's Fashion by Syndrome

My wrong add is here:

Could you please delete it ?


rahow - 13:51 20 November 2017 #

Hi again ^^

I think those 2 sceners:


... are in fact the same.

---> Ben moved with Axel from Melting Pot to Bomb durring the production of the Shaft 7

menace - 06:35 21 November 2017 #

rahow: It seems someone already took care of the deletion request. The two Ben's merged.

rahow - 14:10 21 November 2017 #


Another 2 sceners who are the same one:


Nasty Boy first was Solaris coder, then moved as double member to Syndrome after the Heart Light co-prod

exocet - 19:04 21 November 2017 #

Rahow: fixed

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