Fix me beautiful

vincenzo - 17:05 3 April 2024 #

just like what happened right now. double clicked on the submit button and my comment appeared twice. sorry for that.

porocyon - 19:21 3 April 2024 #

Not sure where to best ask this, but:

* The infotext of https://demozoo.org/platforms/30/ should probably list NanoBoyAdvance https://github.com/nba-emu/NanoBoyAdvance (and maybe even remove VBA-M from the list, the latter is rather inaccurate)
* The infotext of https://demozoo.org/platforms/32/ should probably list melonDS https://melonds.kuribo64.net/ , it works on Linux, macOS and Windows, and there's also an Android port, all while being more accurate than the emulators already listed.
* The infotext of https://demozoo.org/platforms/37/ and https://demozoo.org/platforms/38/ (and maybe the GBA page too) should probably list SkyEmu http://skyemu.app/ , it works on Android, FreeBSD, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows, while also being more accurate than VBA-M (which, again, should probably be removed)

usual - 15:12 4 April 2024 #


same person, please merge

and these two as well:


menace - 10:52 5 April 2024 #

porocyon: Here is fine! :) The emulator lists are not terribly updated, so great that you took the opportunity to help out with that.

I chose to not remove VBA-M, as the project on its new home on GitHub seems active at least, with updates in the last few days.

menace - 11:02 5 April 2024 #

usual: Done.

mnemotron - 11:35 7 April 2024 #

Hi, I just realized this is a school friend of mine and asked him about it:

He was NOT affilliated with groups "Home Boys" and "The Remix Crew".

I might come up with more information later.

mnemotron - 11:45 7 April 2024 #

I just realized how to edit that myself. :-D

AMcBain - 02:41 9 April 2024 #

The real name field seems to require privs I don't have.

Is it possible to get that updated. Legally the site is correct, but IRL (outside of the demoscene) I have been going by Alastair since at least May 2022.

Thank you. 🙂

menace - 19:34 9 April 2024 #

AMcBain: Fixed.

Vlad - 10:31 10 April 2024 #


I'm Vlad, my page is - demozoo.org/sceners/58057/

Can you correct an entry? I only have one release at present, which is "Better Late Than Never". If you can remove the "Maggie 11 Interview" entry as that's nothing to do with me. Thanks.

usual - 15:34 10 April 2024 #


this is actually the same song, please merge

bifat - 17:53 10 April 2024 #


This production is not ai-generated, and nobody knows this better than the authors.
Please remove tag ai-generated and unprotect.

emoon - 08:54 11 April 2024 #

The tag has now been changed to ai-generated-graphics

bifat - 10:54 11 April 2024 #

The authors are right here to curate their production.
Unprotect and remove the tag ai-generated-graphics.
Get that right lamos.

menace - 11:15 11 April 2024 #

bifat: I'll unprotect now, but two points: If you insist on this tone, then you get a timeout. And second, the person who created the graphics has very clearly confirmed they were ai generated. We'd appreciate it if you do not attempt to delete this valid information once more.

Hoping for a more peaceful coexistence in the future.

bifat - 11:28 11 April 2024 #

ai-generated-graphics is inappropriate and not adequately indicative of the artistic process in my opinion. I will discuss this with the others and we will leave it or remove it as we see fit, without further notice.

Greippi - 13:01 11 April 2024 #

I try to find fairly good average. (Referring to "notorious" TM2)

It is quite possible that in a production, in future or in the past, the story and storyboard is 100% living human made. Rest could come from various sources (including "cheat" = AI) and this should be stated somehow (for the sake of authenticity of demoscene productions (= different cultural value)).

In TM2, actual graphical source is 95% AI (prompted). However, the notably big amount of Artwork Editing was required for the story consistency. This is obviously an artistic choice to "improve" the images by hand.

On my behalf it is ok to tag AI-GENERATED GFX (= all or parts of the production graphics are from AI sources).

Dyslectic-Bi - 08:09 13 April 2024 #

Hello. Can you replace "Bit", https://demozoo.org/sceners/6130/ with Dysletic-Bi please.
I have come out of the closet, and wish to be known.

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