Fix me beautiful

menace - 06:19 21 February 2018 #

I do indeed want to weigh in - see the file SCOOP22.TXT in the Ninja 2 archive - https://files.scene.org/view/parties/1996/gathering96/demo/ninja2.zip - where this particular The Mercenary is listed under a different name. He is most certainly not Charles Deenen.

I don't remember exactly what rights are given to change that up, but if you try editing the name of the group and there's a field at the bottom of the box that says "Differentiator", then that's where that info goes. I've changed it now.

Revenant - 14:47 21 February 2018 #

Alright, thanks for clarifying that (and updating the Scoop C64 entry).

ericorsio - 18:02 4 March 2018 #

I'm new here and just added an account. Basically, I'm a fellow oldschool demoscene fan and I wanted to add an entry to the FLAG 1996 demoparty Multichannel compo. Can you please delete my two failed attempts? I'll add a correct one later, thanks in advance.


Csabo - 02:03 5 March 2018 #

Hi, https://demozoo.org/groups/50864/ is a duplicate of https://demozoo.org/groups/11027/.

Saga_Musix - 11:25 5 March 2018 #

Csabo: Merged. But I wonder: do the two groups Chronos is in, "Absence" and "Absence and Wild" have anything to do with each other (e.g. is ACW a subgroup of Absence)?

Csabo - 12:50 5 March 2018 #

Saga_Musix: yes, they are related; "Absence and Wilds (ACW)" was a superset of... Absence and Wilds :-) ACW was formed in 2007 and disbanded in 2015.


Saga_Musix - 12:51 6 March 2018 #

Okay, they are listed as subgroups now.

100bit - 17:12 6 March 2018 #

Please, remove https://media.demozoo.org/screens/o/ca/b0/a9de.158222.png from https://demozoo.org/productions/184269/ demo, i just hate FS-UAE (actually not).
https://demozoo.org/groups/76467/ - set (amiga) as postfix.
https://demozoo.org/groups/76235/ - set (c64/.nl) as postfix.
https://demozoo.org/groups/76084/ - set (c64) as postfix.

menace - 19:47 6 March 2018 #

100bit: The screenshot with the overlay nuked.

However, it seems you have misunderstood the use of differentiators somewhat - you've added them as part of the nick itself, which is not proper. If you look a little further down the page when you edit a group name, you will see a field called 'Differentiator' - this is where nationality or platform go _IF_ - and only IF - there are several groups with the same name. If you put it in the name of the group, that can potentially fuck up search, which would be BAD (tm).

Having said that, thanks for your continued efforts in adding stuff to the site - much appreciated :) Please join our Slack, so we can discuss things "live" as and when issues arise.

Creonix - 17:03 7 March 2018 #

I found the question "dipswitch - 01:30 30 December 2013 #
mayday, what type of product is this? http://demozoo.org/productions/96636/"
(bit old but question should never be left without answer)

and it seems it is a song - made on Amiga 1200 in Protracker, then converted to streaming. Probably not released on a compo, just released as a song. Then I set it to amiga song. Info supposed, basing on youtube video. Can u fix it as a song?

gentleman - 23:11 10 March 2018 #

https://demozoo.org/sceners/4963/ Page not found

gentleman - 23:12 10 March 2018 #

should be Pinny/Anarchy

gentleman - 23:14 10 March 2018 #

https://demozoo.org/sceners/3196/ Pinhead
sry for spam ;D

sensenstahl - 11:33 11 March 2018 #

gentleman: well that does not help at all w/o a link of a prod where the missing scener e.g. is credited.

gentleman - 11:57 11 March 2018 #

sensenstahl: you are right, thanks. https://demozoo.org/groups/958/ it is in the group history text field.

sensenstahl - 12:14 11 March 2018 #

done :)

100bit - 15:24 11 March 2018 #

menace, i don't have any 'Differentiator' field :thinking:

Defiance - 13:46 12 March 2018 #

can someone make the number 6 in the title of this one https://demozoo.org/productions/184561/ an exponent like this one https://demozoo.org/productions/184257/ and tell me how is this done for future reference?

Revenant - 18:43 12 March 2018 #

https://demozoo.org/groups/63453/ dupe of https://demozoo.org/groups/22862/

menace - 10:41 13 March 2018 #

100bit: Right, then you need to talk to an admin when you need that fixed :) You're in the Slack now, so just talk to us there.

Defiance: Seems someone fixed it already. No idea how. :D

Revenant: Thanks, the dupe that no longer had any productions was nuked.

100bit - 12:51 13 March 2018 #

Defiance, check here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicode_subscripts_and_superscripts
Also (while I'm here) whoops, remove this dupe https://demozoo.org/sceners/76798/

FlashyLamer - 18:59 20 March 2018 #

merge https://demozoo.org/sceners/23704/ with https://demozoo.org/sceners/28328/

menace - 06:59 21 March 2018 #

FlashyLamer: Merged. Thanks! :)

rahow - 18:45 3 April 2018 #

Arggghh there is a huge mistake ^^

this music:

belong to this scener:

(Xtr1m is another guy from another group... ^^)

Saga_Musix - 22:56 3 April 2018 #

rahow: See all those nice edit buttons all around the site? You can click on them to fix things! ;)
Anyway, fixed this specific mistake for you, but in the future please use the Edit functionality where you can. Only very few things (such as deletions) need specific help from site moderators.

exocet - 07:53 4 April 2018 #

For the record, I've deleted the newly added https://demozoo.org/productions/185639/ that was a dupe of https://demozoo.org/productions/21508/

hArDy - 07:07 5 April 2018 #

Hi! Finally made an account here, as i realized there are (atleast) two entries for me here...
...so please merge these two entries (including the notes from 53394):
Please merge into the 913 and nuke the 53394 afterwards! :)

Thanks a lot for all your work here everyone, i am really enjoying surfing the past of our lives here! :)

menace - 09:46 5 April 2018 #

Hardy: Done.

And thank YOU for all the lovely intros :)

argasek - 08:52 16 April 2018 #

As stated in the comment by Jok already, it's not a demoparty, kindly please remove this event.

menace - 09:16 16 April 2018 #

jok & argasek: Done. And thanks for letting us know :)

argasek - 09:33 16 April 2018 #

@manace: Thanks! :)

at0m - 07:59 17 April 2018 #

please delete this: https://demozoo.org/graphics/185877/

Saga_Musix - 10:32 17 April 2018 #


krupkaj - 17:16 22 April 2018 #

I added a new diskmag issue Flop 61 which was released at Atariada yesterday. Unfortunately I added it twice. Please could you join those two records. Thanks

se7en - 17:40 22 April 2018 #

Please merge https://demozoo.org/sceners/66394/ and https://demozoo.org/sceners/42531/

Saga_Musix - 17:14 23 April 2018 #

Both dupes are gone.

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