Fix me beautiful

phoenix - 16:01 25 January 2023 #

https://demozoo.org/bbs/10704/ - sorry, I didn't see https://demozoo.org/bbs/532/ existed because https://demozoo.org/productions/157851/ wasn't linked to it. Please merge the two BBSs under "TimeRift" (aka "Time Rift")

ming - 22:20 25 January 2023 #

Hi, please remove all my unfinished sketches, I don't want them on demozoo. Regards

theDUBBER - 13:31 27 January 2023 #

Collections of Crack Intro and Nfo Reader Music. Constantly updated playlists... Stay Connected :)


#CrackingArt #Keygen #phrozencrew #razor1911 #paradox #NFO #underground #undergroundmusic #warez #asciiart #asciiart

phoenix - 14:40 27 January 2023 #

theDUBBER: This isn't a promotion thread. Also if https://demozoo.org/productions/318539/ is a youtube video (hard to tell as it's a seemingly random chain of words) it doesn't belong here.

gasman - 20:44 28 January 2023 #

@ming: I have now gone through all your works listed at https://demozoo.org/sceners/133359/ and verified that they were all released in a competition or demopack, in the version shown. If you consider any of these to be "unfinished sketches", then that's your mistake for submitting them to a party, not ours. There will be no further deletions - please bear in mind that this website is a record of demoscene releases, not your personal curated portfolio.

ming - 09:58 29 January 2023 #

@gasman I've never gave anyone permission to upload any of those to their site (you think you can do whatever you want with my works, but you can't even do a proper screenshot), you still don't have it and you are keeping these records against my will. These were shown on private parties and never intended to be published online. I'm not a "scener" by any stretch of imagination, wasn't aware of a site that sucks in every bs. So again, yes, these are unfinished sketches of ideas, not productions. If you want to see real productions from me, than stop acting like an old man stuck in the past with a mind of a teenager. So far the result of your actions is that I don't want to share anything with your scene again even if there are at least dozen of quality images in works. And I mean real productions, conceptual work, but nobody will see them because of you, little scribe. And for the future record, I don't give anyone of you permission to publish any of my work on your site, unless I upload it myself

ps1ch - 11:24 29 January 2023 #

This entry https://demozoo.org/music/243063/ is a duplicate of https://demozoo.org/music/169255/

gasman - 14:37 29 January 2023 #

@ps1ch Done.

@ming You should read the rules of the competitions you submit to - SillyVenture is not a private party. https://www.sillyventure.eu/en/compos

"All submitted works are freeware. Participants also agree to the publication of their entries as part of collective "Silly Venture Packs" for appropriate hardware platforms."

ming - 15:45 29 January 2023 #

@gasman maybe I should, but as for now I am the author of these drawings and I want them off internet, because I feel sharing them was a mistake. I don't care what you have stored on your computers, but this is a public space. You cannot make your own rules, that stay with a conflict with international laws, and as a private person I have the right to privacy and to delete any content I've shared online, which is standard over all social media. And to be honest, you've shared it against my will. Let's behave like human beings, not like robots, ok? I'm going offline and I take all of my sketches with me, simple as that. So, once again I ask you to delete my content from demozoo, and I'm serious about that. It cost you nothing, but a few clicks, and you'll make a man happy. And maybe, maybe in the future I'll please you with some quality pixel art, but don't expect me taking part in any competitions, I'm done with that

Rebel_O-Conner - 16:50 29 January 2023 #

i noticed this demo : https://demozoo.org/productions/147104/
is an empty version of this demo : https://demozoo.org/productions/221338/

can you remove the first one, please, and also fix the competition rank?

100bit - 17:37 29 January 2023 #

@ming: then why did you enter the competition? Why did you add screenshots and other info for your prods in 2014 or even 2022? You wasn't against of all of that before, as I can see. And also I don't really think you didn't know the rules for parties you've participated.
Even if removing them will make happy a man, it will make others not so happy. In most cases, what was released should not be unreleased, and this is that case.

@Rebel_O-Conner: will fix soon(tm)

ming - 20:55 29 January 2023 #

Sir, with all the respect, my motivations are not of your concern. I want them off your site, period. And you have no rights to keep them against my will. This discussion is ridiculous, it's way easier to delete the Facebook account, and I did that without asking anyone for "permission". And stop talking about your internal rules, they don't stay above the law, and surely don't fit with today's standards, where privacy is a big concern.. Btw, nothing is "unreleased", I can't stop you from having it on your hard drives, but I demand they disappear from public space (what is so important about these images to you anyway? you don't own them, you didn't spent time making them.. but I did.. they are not even good enough to be worth keeping) and I'm sure Grey wouldn't mind, cause he's a good man. Are you?

ming - 22:43 29 January 2023 #

In other words, I presented these sketches to a bunch of people at the party to be displayed on a vintage computer, now everybody on internet can see it.. You see a difference? I didn't realize at the time how uncomfortable it will make me feel now, that is why you have a delete button on every social media post. Is this enough to feed your curiosity? They will stay in their native format so you'll have your very important record untouched, but anything that is visible to public should go (this is the only compromise I can agree on)

ming - 15:06 30 January 2023 #

I was going to show you some refined pixel work based on those sketches what I believe is a fresh view, rather different from something you're used to. I submitted to your compo rules that i don't really care about, but i've looked at your community for some time now, and it was the only way to have your attention. Since I share it for free, i only wanted to maintain some control over how it is presented online and that my sketches disappear from public view first (you could keep your records if it's so important to you), because they simply would be distraction from my final work and you had enough time to look at my workflow (which is slow, but bare in mind i'm artist for a living with many activities, pixeling is just one o them.. you really need few months long slot in your calendar to finish such a project, where everything is done by hand using native apps). I've spent last few months working on it, but since you prefer a glimpse into my sketchbook instead, then this is all you gonna get. You've shown no respect for the artist's view, you are attached to your dogmas and probably unable to see anything beyond, so I'm out of this place. though you were the right audience to show my artwork to, I was wrong. think i've wasted enough time here.

britelite - 11:24 1 February 2023 #

68k Inside (https://demozoo.org/parties/4555/) is not a part of the Motorola Inside (https://demozoo.org/parties/series/364/) series of parties, can you please remove it

tero_risti - 15:51 3 February 2023 #

Please delete info file on https://demozoo.org/music/318708/
(it was archived to wrong entry from Spectra i.e. 4ch instead of multich)

It is correct in https://demozoo.org/music/318729/

Peter.Dell - 23:53 4 February 2023 #

>But now there are hundreds of download URL which need to be updated from "http://asma.atari.org/..." to "https://asma.atari.org/". Is there a away the admins could to that as mass-replacements?
>menace - 18:06 12 January 2023 #
>Peter.Dell: I totally forgot to let you know all the links were replaced with https versions. Thanks :)

Thanks a lot menace, excellent service!

phoenix - 03:36 5 February 2023 #

https://demozoo.org/music/250117/ is a duplicate of https://demozoo.org/music/2373/, delete.

phoenix - 03:38 5 February 2023 #

Also, I did the merge of the BBSs above, so you can just delete https://demozoo.org/bbs/10704/, thanks.

Defiance - 22:06 6 February 2023 #

OK I somehow managed to f up these two images below on this prod: https://demozoo.org/productions/193497/

1) https://media.demozoo.org/screens/o/85/ef/d575.320066.png

2) https://media.demozoo.org/screens/o/28/18/f579.320069.png

is it possible to simply delete them?

I have already uploaded the corrected ones.

Thank you!

ham - 00:33 14 February 2023 #

Please remove screenshot https://media.demozoo.org/screens/o/18/35/8304.317111.png from prod 316313 Cybersomnium (the screenshot uploaded by amiades). That screenshot is from the crappy party version.

100bit - 20:32 14 February 2023 #

all requests above are fixed
ham: did you know you can upload multiple screenshots at the same time? ;)

ps1ch - 08:14 21 February 2023 #

I just added https://demozoo.org/productions/319736/ which is a duplicate of https://demozoo.org/productions/169429/

Can you please remove the duplicate?

C934AF65 - 11:07 24 February 2023 #

hello... would it be possible to completely delete an entry under "sceners", including its history and other references to it? for privacy reasons i wish for it not to be published. i'm in an on-going process of removing personal information from the net. thanks.


ps1ch - 06:17 27 February 2023 #

https://demozoo.org/music/320023/ is a duplicate of https://demozoo.org/music/28422/
Can you please remove the duplicate?

The production https://demozoo.org/productions/320022/ doesn't let me choose the correct "Inside by XTD" as soundtrack, it only shows the duplicate over here. Can you please add https://demozoo.org/music/28422/ as soundtrack?

ps1ch - 16:50 27 February 2023 #

Can you please add the following trivia note to https://demozoo.org/music/169661/

The music is originally from a C64 demo called "Breeze of Diogenes" by X-Ample in 1989, see https://youtu.be/ofZV6rXLMxY. Estrayk converted the tune (SID?) to Protracker format.

100bit - 17:54 27 February 2023 #

ps1ch: all done

ps1ch - 18:15 27 February 2023 #

100bit: thank you :D

tero_risti - 20:50 28 February 2023 #

Please delete https://demozoo.org/music/260331/

It is a dupe of https://demozoo.org/music/18666/

ps1ch - 08:32 1 March 2023 #

Can you please add to the trivia field that these productions:

are a remake of this production:

It would be very useful if the "Add other information" drop-down allows to "Add a remake listing" too :D

tero_risti - 14:43 1 March 2023 #

Please delete https://demozoo.org/music/320138/

dupe of once lost and now found https://demozoo.org/music/18687/

tero_risti - 15:39 1 March 2023 #

Please delete Chip Music Compo https://demozoo.org/parties/95/#competition_17733

Compo was accidentally added due to mentioning "chip music compo" contribution, see https://discmaster.textfiles.com/view/1108/CU%20Amiga%20Magazine's%20Super%20CD-ROM%2009%20(1997)(EMAP%20Images)(GB)(Track%201%20of%204)[!][issue%201997-04].iso/cucd/demos/theparty96/mods/mods/die.s3m

The track was added to multichannel compo https://demozoo.org/music/198073/

menace - 12:31 2 March 2023 #

ps1ch: There is an oustanding ticket for such functionality that is just 1 year away from its 10th birthday - https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/17

Unfortunately there are a lot of ideas, but not a lot of developers with an interest in implementing them.

catnip - 16:50 2 March 2023 #

Please delete https://demozoo.org/productions/318638/
It's a dupe of https://demozoo.org/productions/317654/

Gargaj - 11:28 8 March 2023 #

I'm gonna assume the year range in the nick name isn't actually part of the nick here and should be moved to, presumably, teh description. https://demozoo.org/sceners/8052/

bifat - 07:44 10 March 2023 #

I messed up screenshots of two productions: https://demozoo.org/productions/320928/ , https://demozoo.org/productions/320931/ . Please remove the first screenshot, respectively, the 2nd screenshot is correct. Sorry for mishap.

sensenstahl - 15:52 10 March 2023 #


ps1ch - 14:39 13 March 2023 #

Can you please add to the following text (or similar) to the trivia field of https://demozoo.org/music/319778/ :
"This module is a lite-version from the real one called "Hear is U Only God" composed by Estrayk & Evelred in 1997"

The quoted text above was posted by Estrayk under the pinned comment on YouTube video https://youtu.be/xMD7BO00ATM

"Hear is U Only God" can be found at https://demozoo.org/music/34891/

menace - 11:39 17 March 2023 #

ps1ch: Done and hyperlinked.

FuZioN - 23:53 19 March 2023 #

Is it possible to merge the following scener info into one, they are the same person.


I created an info page and said scener did the same at a later date but they aren't linked. Thx!

mikezt - 00:42 20 March 2023 #

Hi! I accidentaly removd competition placing for STOPgenocide demo from this year Forever party, because I was trying to fix the votes (there were 640, but should be 620).

janesondergrond - 04:31 20 March 2023 #

Hi ...

well great but no idea it was a wiki site where revenge pr0n is possible, a bit scary but it seems to work out . A massive archive of yes-coders tho, what i wanted to ask since nobody here's a socializer:

cant find the delete screenshot or delete info file button so if possible



delete screenshot :


and (if possible but i dont see why the site admin couldnt)

please delete all inf files for all submissions so far for


we kinda hate messy uploads and folders with 500 files , so its possible we might bother you more later for stuff like this. We'll try to make sure anything that gets upped is close to level but since we dont compete or deadline nothings ever finished. If its a version number we just add a download but wrong files we'll ask to delete thx



mborik128 - 10:18 21 March 2023 #

Hi Admins,
this Ik0n: https://demozoo.org/sceners/29836/
and this Ikon: https://demozoo.org/sceners/136080/
is same person.
Could be merged with proper abbreviation "ikon/SinDiKat" (lowercase without zero)?

Thank you in advance!

Rotschi - 09:08 24 March 2023 #

To Whom it may concern,

Subject: scener

i) ROG never called himself R-g.

and another secret

ii) Before ROG joined Vision Factory his handle was RTL (Robin The Lamer) and he was a member of the group HAITEX which also was his first group.

ps1ch - 10:18 26 March 2023 #

Can you please add to https://demozoo.org/music/288401/ that Estrayk converted the first few seconds of the original Speedball music (Amiga) https://demozoo.org/music/152917/ by David Whittaker to ProTracker.

Estrayk wrote this info under the pinned comment of this video https://youtu.be/kYNWVSIQVyo

4gentE - 13:16 26 March 2023 #

Entry https://demozoo.org/productions/314580/ should be deleted because it’s a copy of an existing entry.

ps1ch - 16:14 27 March 2023 #

Can you please remove the info files from https://demozoo.org/productions/156615/ ? I just realized they belong to a different game (the successor).

menace - 12:55 29 March 2023 #

ps1ch: Done. (just so if you upload the right ones, no-one sees this and re-deletes them :D )

BraxtonDK - 01:30 31 March 2023 #


My name is René W. Olsen ( no not RWO from Kefrens ) I was a coder.

I use to use AC as handle but currently using Braxton ( or BraxtonDK ).

I was/am a member of Rebels and Visage..

Here on the site both groups link to a unique user but its actualy both me.

So if you could merge/join the AC sceners that would be great



menace - 08:27 31 March 2023 #

BraxtonDK: Done.

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