soundtrack listing

smace - 14:13 18 February 2014 #

this feature works in stupid ways.. by trying to add an existing music-piece to a new production, the system just creates a new entity for the tune = duplicate entry.

how does this feature really work?

smace - 14:51 18 February 2014 #

Please delete this duplucate entry - http://demozoo.org/music/100804/

Perhaps an "add" button besides the "featured in" would easy the task of attaching msx/gfx to a prod?

smace - 17:26 18 February 2014 #

Adding existing music to a prod just sucks! AAaargh... pls delete this entry aswell http://demozoo.org/music/100828/

menace - 20:04 18 February 2014 #

You don't specifically need to create it beforehand, it can be created directly in the way you have clearly done. If you do have created the music beforehand, it should autocomplete as you start typing the title into the soundtrack box, after which you are able to choose it from the dropdown that surfaces.

"just sucks" is not a very useful bug report. If you really found something you perceive to be wrong, a bug or a usability bug - something that is unintuitive and that you just can't figure out - please try to report it in a clear, detailed way. Screenshots help a lot.

Both dupes deleted.

smace - 20:41 18 February 2014 #


well, it was a user report bug =P What sucks is that the drop down function seems to be buggy. It didn't always show up. I've typed in, waited, but no drop down.

I was using Chrome version "32.0.1700.107 m" if that's a clue.

menace - 08:10 19 February 2014 #

Thanks for the info :) Would you mind terribly checking in another browser to see whether functionality is identical, or if it's just in Chrome? Would also be good to get confirmation from other users. Screenshots that show off the behaviour are awesome, if possible.

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