Mass-moving of tickets from our old issues server to GitHub

menace - 09:16 20 March 2014 #

In the next few days, I will be initiating a mass-move of about 100 outstanding tickets from our old trac-server that we used for issue-tracking in the past, and over to GitHub. This process will probably generate a large amounts of alerts for any GitHub users following our repo, so apologies in advance.

Previously, we have moved issues over as they arose, as users pointed out bugs or feature requests that had already been covered on the old server, but we finally decided that we had to get a move on and get it all in one place.

Hopefully once it is over, it will lead to a more open, productive pursuit of bugs fixes and transparency on any outstanding issues.

See you on the other side.

dipswitch - 23:18 20 March 2014 #

i completely fail to understand hiow github works... :( will have to look at it closer or probably search for some tutorial. do i need to get an extra account there?

ltk_tscc - 10:37 21 March 2014 #

If you want to reply... YES :) Otherwise I agree with you as I think its pretty confusing for non-developers.

Saga_Musix - 14:24 21 March 2014 #

Not much more than trac, IMO. :)

dipswitch - 02:01 22 March 2014 #

ok, just opened a new "issue", seems not to be that hard.. =) even though i don't get how to add labels to issues.

menace - 14:00 23 March 2014 #

dipswitch: Just to the right of your ticket is a little cogwheel next to the word "Labels". Click that. :)

I also agree with Saga, there is not a development-centric issue tracker that is less complicated than this, and the benefits (having the issues in the same place as the code) far outweigh the problems.

dipswitch - 15:54 23 March 2014 #

I have the word "Labels", but no cogwheel. Latest Firefox. Maybe a userlevel issue?

Saga_Musix - 01:23 24 March 2014 #

Don't see it either, so it might be a permission issue.

menace - 09:37 24 March 2014 #

Hmm, the only permits I see that I can give is making you "owner" of the repo... which.. yeah, sounds a bit excessive. For now, let me know of any labels you want applied and we'll see if anyone with better GitHub-fu (Gasman?) can clarify down the line.

dipswitch - 23:46 24 March 2014 #

well, i guess "enhancement" and "feature" would do?

menace - 08:40 25 March 2014 #

OK, so DONE. Every single ticket is now moved over, though a few probably need a little rewriting/clarification/hooking up of labels and such before it's all perfect. Since a lot of the issues over at the trac linked to discussions on our mailing list, it was something of a challenge on some of them to extract just the vital information pertaining to the particular issue. I'm sure I failed in some places, and failed to attribute the correct author of the original issue in others - please let me know either here or on GitHub and I will try and correct accordingly.

On the plus side, we now have all our recorded issues in one single, easily searchable place, and we can get on with seeing about fixing/implementing a few of them :) Also makes it easier for potential developers who want to contribute to see some tasks they possibly want to engage with.

It also led to a couple of more labels (which I will now go back and assign to some of the issues) and a couple of new tickets that I realised we had never made, even though it had been discussed here and there.

Onwards, then. :)

gasman - 10:40 25 March 2014 #

Nice one! Now I just have to add all the stuff in my email inbox that never made it into tickets...

Re other users setting labels on tickets: it looks like it *might* be possible to enable that for specific users, with a lot of fiddling with github 'teams' and things. However, since those labels primarily exist for my benefit, I'd say it's probably easier to leave things as they are, and I'll classify / reclassify tickets as I come to them. That way I don't have to explain my system for labelling 'bug' vs 'snag', 'enhancement' vs 'feature' and so on :-)

menace - 12:30 25 March 2014 #

Fair enough! I've labeled haphazardly throughout, so just please fix the bits I got wrong, not being a programmer and stuff it's entirely possible I've misunderstood some bits.

Also, disregard your inbox and start fixing/enhancing/implementing stuff instead. ;)

dipswitch - 18:20 25 March 2014 #

thx for the feedback, guys! so, gasman, do you think the feature i suggested is desireable, and, most importantly, doable?

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