The Dump FTP

menace - 16:09 12 April 2014 #

As some of you may be aware, I run an ftp site along with Dozer, containing stuff that I can't put on scene.org for whatever reason - including work-in-progress dumps of floppy disks for various systems, and it also hosts my BBS ad collection (see separate forum thread) and some other files for various friends.

I am currently in the progress of putting up some new files, more specifically from a dump in progress by Aero/The Silents over in the UK. With the kind assistance of Dozer, he is in the process of dumping a rather large floppy collection, and it will almost certainly contain some "lost" items. I'll be looking over them and putting them online as I go along - so keep checking back if that's interesting at all to you.

We also accept any and all demoscene-related files to /incoming, so put them there or come talk to us over in #demozoo if there's anything you need hosted.

menace - 16:09 12 April 2014 #

Oh, yeah, an url is helpful - ftp.spaceballs.no

menace - 06:13 10 July 2014 #

Added a bunch of amiga floppy dumps donated by TMB - I noticed at least the Fuck You! pack series contains quite a few issues that are nowhere else on the net. A good opportunity for someone to swoop in and add them to, say, a demoscene database or something :)

Find the files here: ftp://ftp.spaceballs.no/public/Active_Projects/TMBs_Collection/

Asle - 23:12 15 January 2015 #

ETIMEDOUT - Connection attempt timed out
something's wrong ?

menace - 10:50 17 January 2015 #

Yes. The machine it is hosted on is currently not booting. Sorry about that, but I will try to have it back up again in due time.

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