Diskmag writers with real names and no scene relations

tomaes - 09:14 2 May 2014 #

I'm editing some old Hugi issues and while I was at it, I noticed again, that, especially in the German sections of the mag (so up to Hugi #17), there are quite a few regulars that have no real connection to the demoscene and that wrote there under their real names: People like Jörg Feierabend (who published at least one whole novel in the mag) and Helmut Schilda (who wrote tons and tons of wonky prose); also many people with poems, political opinion pieces etc;

In a way, what they have written is public anyway, but as the content is still concealed within a Diskmag interface, I hesitate to add them to a demoscene database properly (a scene, they never knew or cared about much). Opinions? :)

ltk_tscc - 09:54 2 May 2014 #

If the articles are exclusively written for the mag I always add such guys to the credits... I did that for all Undercover Magascene issues... What I only left out was stuff that was grabbed from the internet.

dipswitch - 14:13 2 May 2014 #

I agree with Lotek Style, and have proceeded in such way with other mags I added credits to. If a person write an exclusive piece for a scene diskmag, even if the piece itself is not solely concerned with the scene, then he or she becomes a scener in a way - at least scener enough to be credited on Demozoo. After all, at every demoparty there is at least one guy who doesn't care that much about the scene but is, let's say, a talented gfx artist who participates in the compo just for the sake of competition and showing off his talent. Even though he might not become a demoscener in the long term, he still needs to have a place as an individual entry on Demozoo because at least once he has participated in a scene-related venture. The issue of non-scene people writing for a scene diskmag is not much different, I believe.

tomaes - 09:14 3 May 2014 #

Well. Even if I sorta/kinda agree, so far I've not added one-off real names and the like yet. I've tagged those issues with "incomplete-credits", so those magazines can be found in the future.

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