Tales from the GitHub

menace - 10:51 8 September 2014 #

In this series of forum posts, I am going to try and keep our users up to speed on development on the site. If you're not following our GitHub repo - https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo (did I mention we are fully open source?) - it might not always be obvious what we're working on behind the scenes, and when a new feature is being pushed out.

We'll just hit the ground running here - a few days ago, we merged in the feature for singling out out-of-compo releases, and present them in a more intuitive way than just as part of the "None" compo as we had previously. The commit is here if you want to have a quick peek at the code: https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/commit/97fe15d38cc236ffed9a4faa158a906561232822

For an example of how it looks in practice, check out our entry for Mekka & Symposium 1998 for example: http://demozoo.org/parties/336/

If you find any compos that look like they should really be out-of-compo releases that we've missed (compos like Misc or out-of-compo or such) then please let us know in the "Fix Me" thread, and we'll get that sorted :)

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