Using HTML and/or JavaScript? Need it smaller?

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WHAK.com - 22:10 12 November 2014 #

I like to make web apps and then package them as a single compressed, so I know a bit about crunching web based.

Here is a 4.5MB HTML5 entire Holy Bible shrunk down to 1MB (smallest intteractive version in the World):

With packing (from www.scriptcompress.com online tools) and built in compression/decompression it's much smaller. Just Gzip alone achieved 1.8MB, scriptcompress helped me knock off another 750,000 bytes! Now it easily fits even on a floppy disk drive! With tools from scriptcompress.com, I got it down to 1.2MB, then made tags for SVG, renamed HTM file to *.svg, then gzipped it, renamed to *.svgz and now it is one complete self extracting web app.

I believe what I am doing is kind of similar to demoscene, so hope it helps.

BTW: Yes, I made scriptcompress.com, and this may be considered an unrelated shameless plug (what ever). I just know that obviously some demos are now in JavaScript because http://fakeplasticcubes.demozoo.org/ is how I got here!

WHAK.com - 22:16 12 November 2014 #

http://imgh.us/portable.apps.in.an.image.svgz 100 more online tools I have packed into one single hacked SVG image (scalable vetor graphics)

WHAK.com - 09:05 13 November 2014 #

Oh, another good example of my "extreme" JavaScript minification:


Exactly 1,024 bytes (1 Kilobyte).

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