Announcing The Meteoriks - A new demoscene award

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T-101 - 19:05 14 February 2015 #

Announcing The Meteoriks!

We're very happy to announce a brand new award to honor demoscene productions of 2014. Two years after the end of the scene.org awards it is time to celebrate great computer art on the big stage again. In nine base and five special categories as well as a public choice award, we will recognize the best of the best of the previous year.

The Meteoriks are all about inclusion!

If you're a demomaker: Submit your production(s) for consideration

If you're a demoscene expert: Apply to one (or more) of the individual category juries

All others: You're welcome to submit your ideas for our 5 special awards as well as vote for your favourite production in our public choice category (starting in March)

But that's enough talk for now - check out the website and be part of it!


menace - 09:46 15 February 2015 #

Wow - now that's a snazzy website if ever I saw one :)

Cool stuff!

T-101 - 14:27 26 March 2015 #

Meteoriks 2015 Nominees Announced

We're very proud to announce the nominees for our High End and Low End, New Talent and Public Choice categories.

Nine separate juries were involved in picking five nominees for each category. For Public Choice, the five top ranked productions were selected.

While you have a look at the nominees, our juries will continue deliberating on the Special Categories. Stay tuned for more!


T-101 / Meteoriks Communications

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