Megalactic screenshots

menace - 07:47 29 December 2013 #

So, yeah - it appears Megalactic (http://demozoo.org/productions/96484/) foils Fraps when attempting to do screenshots, and I get some weird artifacting on the lefthand side. Any good alternative screenshotting apps that anyone knows? :)

Saga_Musix - 11:43 29 December 2013 #


menace - 11:45 29 December 2013 #

Does that do screenshots, though? I thought that was only for video.

Saga_Musix - 11:49 29 December 2013 #

Yes and no. It has a BMP writer, so you will just have to pick some screenshots out of thousands of frames. :)

menace - 11:51 29 December 2013 #

Ouch. I think I'll look at other solutions. BMP writer is fine though, that's what fraps has too. I just mass-convert them with Irfanview to jpg.

ok3anos - 13:13 29 December 2013 #

Ever tied CTRL_ALT_PRSTSC ??? ;)

Shui - 16:38 29 December 2013 #

Since I had troubles with Fraps alot (Codec, Recording to SSD) I switched to Dxtory (http://exkode.com/dxtory-features-en.html).
I could record video & take Screenshots without Problem. Uploaded some here: http://public.merde.me/Shui/Pictures/Megalactic%20Screens/

menace - 16:43 29 December 2013 #

Shui: Oooh, excellent. Thanks for the tip. Feel free to upload the screenshots at the production page, or let me know otherwise and I will.

Shui - 16:59 29 December 2013 #

I'll get to it right now ;)

Shui - 17:34 29 December 2013 #

Ok I tried 4 times now and it won't let me upload that ammount of Pictures.
After some time it would give me a blank page with the url demozoo.org/productions/96484/add_screenshot/
(I'm using Firefox 26)

I made a zip with Screens I think are apropriate, maybe you can re-create the error: http://public.merde.me/Shui/Pictures/Megalactic%20Screens.zip

emoon - 18:07 29 December 2013 #

Just a side note: If you have an NVida GPU that is fairly new you can also use ShadowPlay:


Which might only be for video (haven't checked) but it's supposed to be really good and affect performance very little (as it uses hardware encoder) I haven't tried this myself but might be worth checking out.

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