Party Banners

menace - 11:14 11 June 2015 #

Good day, zoo attendants. As you may notice, from time to time we put an upcoming party or other event front and center on our top banner spot to highlight something a bit special that's coming up or just happened. The way this usuaully happens is the organizers of the events reach out to us by irc, email or just right here on the forum, and we work them into our schedule. In other instances, we reach out to them, and ask for a bannner. And in some, isolated instances, we just grab something from their website :)

The thing is, we need organizers to let us know if they want that spot, or if they want to work with us in a different way - say, make sure we have results.txt early, or have us live adding the entries as they are shown. So I would encourage anyone with an event they want to promote or who want to make sure we cover their event in a timely manner over here, to let us know. Talk to us. We're a pretty friendly bunch :)

Hugs from camp Demozoo.

menace - 10:24 7 August 2015 #

For the record, I did reach out to rc55/Sundown organizing on twitter for a banner for this weekend, but no reply. :)

sensenstahl - 07:49 8 August 2015 #

How about replacing banners with some banner like "wanna see your upcoming party here?" when no new banner availiable? Because displaying parties that already happened looks really kinda outdated :)

menace - 15:05 11 August 2015 #

sensenstahl: Quite the contrary, the recent parties should definitely be the most interesting ones! Ofcourse, I could definitely be better at updating the text once it's done. It's one of those "pretty much only one person updates these, and that person also tries to have a life."-things. :)

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