a demoparty in New York City: synchroNY

metoikos - 23:03 9 September 2015 #

You are invited to

a new demoparty in New York City

January 8-10, 2016
137 W 14th St, New York, NY

Keynote speaker: Ken Perlin

In addition to the usual competitions, this will be the first party to have a MiNT category

website: http://synchrony.nyc/

Please stand by for the modern PC invite; a Commodore one has already been released.

Saga_Musix - 23:22 9 September 2015 #

Now also on Demozoo: http://demozoo.org/parties/2733/

metoikos - 07:46 28 November 2015 #

Thank you Saga_Musix! (Wow, I haven't checked demozoo in too long).

menace - 08:08 28 November 2015 #

metoikos: Make it your start page, and visit us every day! :)

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