Ideas for more functions..

ltk_tscc - 09:36 20 May 2014 #

What about a "alternative" demoname? There are a couple of demos that are known under two names.

gasman - 21:28 20 May 2014 #

Sounds fair enough... there are also lots of prods (mostly music and graphics) with native-language titles - and particularly, ones in non-Latin alphabets - that it would be nice for us to have translations / transliterations of. I'll add a ticket.

gasman - 00:10 21 May 2014 #

And to tie up a loose end in this thread: 'Text' is now added as a credit category (and existing text-related credits are in the process of being ported over to it, where possible). Enjoy :-)

dipswitch - 00:39 21 May 2014 #

ooooh! great! thanks!

tomaes - 11:00 21 May 2014 #

Neat. :) I also dig the alt name scheme; very CSDB-like.

gaspode - 00:32 2 August 2014 #

Don't know if someone suggested that before, but I would find it very useful if you could click through all entries of a compo. For example the graphics compos. Wouldn't it be nice to select one, Modern Graphics of Revision 2014 for example, and click through all entries to look at all pictures without leaving the prod-page, go back to all entries and click on the next?

menace - 07:37 3 August 2014 #

Gaspode: Great idea! I added a ticket; https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/136

MurphyEXD - 12:06 12 August 2014 #

Please support to the plus/4 world in the external links section. This is the biggest site for the plus/4 scene.

For example:

menace - 12:53 12 August 2014 #

MurphyEXD: Good idea - I created a ticket in our support system for it. https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/138

I also added it to my rss reader, so hopefully we can catch significant Plus4 news quick in the future :)

Oh, and your post was #1000 in our forum! yay! :D

MurphyEXD - 12:59 12 August 2014 #

menace: great! thanks! :)

ltk_tscc - 16:21 12 August 2014 #

MurphyEXD: I think thats something that Gasman can fix pretty easily... Would be nice if you add more Plus4 Stuff to demozoo :)

SoLO - 04:05 13 August 2014 #

Why not adding a photo section for the parties ? Like the screenshots for the prods. But instead of screenshots, we could put some photos of the party, the logo or the flyers.

Actually i got this idea when I saw the Saturne Party 2 flyer that someone posted on FB. I was thinking it could be a good idea to add them on Demozoo, or at least somewhere "safe" so it won't be lost forever.

menace - 09:49 13 August 2014 #

SoLO: It is outside the scape of what we're currently doing to "replace Slengpung", so to speak, but I do believe dipswitch is uploading some photo packs to scene.org to preserve them. Another place to put stuff so it will never be lost is archive.org.

ltk_tscc - 11:25 13 August 2014 #

Well I second Solo's request but I already knew what Menace will answer :) I will soon going to upload my partypics to scene.org ... I think if the stuff is atleast there we can still do some fancy stuff in the far future maybe :)

spiny - 08:48 2 October 2014 #

Feature Request: can there be a filter to show 'recently added' prods (filtered by platform) as well as the current 'recently released' filter.
I'd like to see what old prods have been added for the Atari ST for example, but I can't see a way of sorting entries by 'date added to the database'

cheers :)

ltk_tscc - 09:26 2 October 2014 #

spiny: It's already in the pipeline :) You can also check this for further information:


spiny - 09:27 2 October 2014 #

good news :) cheers :)

bitflippr - 09:31 7 November 2014 #

Is it possible to list all tags? And to search for prods with a certain tag?

tomaes - 09:45 7 November 2014 #

Not yet. I'm pretty sure it's somewhere on the issue tracker though. A classic tag cloud feature would be sweet. :)

ltk_tscc - 10:18 7 November 2014 #

Yeah I hope this will be fixed with the "advanced search" function... someday :)

menace - 18:21 7 November 2014 #

bitflippr: I do believe that if you search generally, any productions with matching tags are surfaced. Perhaps Gasman can confirm that, since I can't find the exact commit right at this moment :)

... that is, once he comes off stage from his soundcheck here at Kindergarden 2014! :D

Saga_Musix - 21:49 7 November 2014 #

In the meantime, this query will help:

gasman - 21:06 8 November 2014 #

Yep, the general search results will include prods that have that text in their tags. (The commit that introduced that feature was https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/commit/ad87347d31ad2f94b83a5068698a518f814327fb , if you're keeping notes :-) )

sensenstahl - 15:49 10 November 2015 #

Actually not a call for a new function but would it be possible to have some sort of icon or simply "video" instead of "WWW" if someone links to a video at a prod page (file or e.g. yt)?

sensenstahl - 17:01 10 November 2015 #

ah i see that it already works on yt :)

menace - 06:18 11 November 2015 #

sensenstahl: We already do icons and link sanitation on YouTube, Vimeo, Capped.tv and demoscene.tv - is there any you're missing in that list?

We also have a long-outstanding ticket in out GitHub for labeling downloads, which I guess would take care of straight video downloads; https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/15


Canopy - 18:44 16 November 2015 #

few ideas.

- a link when i'm logged in to show my previous activity edits/posts etc without having to drill to a place i've done something to find http://demozoo.org/users/80/

- something a bit more 'meta' the ability to reference one prod from another like "sequel to:", "refers to:" or in the case of http://demozoo.org/productions/59944/ "recreates :" and a "remakes :" could also be used for all those second reality do-overs.

Saga_Musix - 20:39 16 November 2015 #

For the first issue you may want to open a new issue on Github; The second issue is already covered: https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/17

sensenstahl - 17:29 16 January 2016 #

Is there a (hidden) way to search for prods by title + platform/category like in the browsing section? Something like that will make it much more easier to check if a prod exists or not :)

menace - 13:01 18 January 2016 #

sensenstahl: Unfortunately not, we currently only have the one, universal search. I believe there is a ticket for adding search for an individual type of entry, but it's not implemented yet.

hellfire - 00:08 29 March 2016 #

Maybe it makes sense to sort search results by some kind of "relevance".
For example, when I search for "Prowler" (http://demozoo.org/search/?q=prowler) I get 9 other guys who barely contributed anything to the scene and "Prowler/Brainstorm" shows up last.
For sceners a possible "relevance" could be the number of productions.

noname - 13:23 3 April 2016 #

+1 hellfire!

Given that you have the most comprehensive demoscene database, it should be fairly easy to come with a "better than nothing" relevance sorting formula. Just awarding a point for each product involvement should already be a major improvement. Page rank or other kind of magic formula could come later.

menace - 13:48 3 April 2016 #

hellfire & Noname: Not a terrible idea - we already have some logic for this when adding credits (e.g. when adding credits for a Haujobb production, the selector will prefer members from that group).

Since you are both programmers, I'll take this opportunity to remind you that we are fully open source, and we welcome any patches for functionality of this kind - there is a link to our source code on Github at the bottom of the page. You're also very welcome to our Slack team if you want to discuss solutions in greater detail. Just let me know, and I'll invite you using the emails you signed up for Demozoo with :)

noname - 13:51 3 April 2016 #

I actually have 66 other entries in front of me when searching my page: http://demozoo.org/search/?q=Noname

They are from all categories, e.g. groups, people, graphics, music, exes. Maybe introduce some clustering here?

noname - 14:33 3 April 2016 #

Menace: generally yes. But family baby demands lots of attention these days making me a sofa scener and forum commenter for the moment :) Is the database also free to access, or is there a blob stored somewhere like with the IMDB, to allow playing with local data?

gasman - 09:31 4 April 2016 #

noname: See https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/187 - will work on getting a regular scheduled db dump set up Real Soon Now!

s_t_s - 15:15 5 April 2016 #

Dunno if I should post here or on the "fix me" topic but, even tho I am truly grateful for Demozoo, I have to say that your search engine sucks hard. When trying to find democrew Escape for instance, it just won't show. I can find other crews but not the Atari one I'm looking for (makers of Hmm..). Same goes to some prods. So that the search engine truly is useless sometimes...

Any wildcard we can use in it maybe ?

ltk_tscc - 16:18 5 April 2016 #

s_t_s: Well... Escape "shows" up but quite at the bottom of the page.

s_t_s - 17:51 5 April 2016 #

Damn it ! I had written a full comment before realizing I wasn't logged in and now it's all gone ! Add it to the new functions to be added please.

@ltk_tscc : tried again but escape doesn't show in the listing, all I get is 4 democrews names and none is the crew I'm referring to. Of course this is an example, I've met such troubles with other crews and demo names.

ltk_tscc - 18:36 5 April 2016 #

I wonder if you get different results than me? It IS there: http://demozoo.org/groups/2105/ ... not listed on top but it is there.

exocet - 22:24 5 April 2016 #

I agree about the limited helpfulness of the current search engine. I wish the results could be filtered by release / group / scener as on Pouet. Maybe even sub-sections for demo, graphics and music in the release category.

It's really the only minor gripe I have with Demozoo. Really happy so far about everything else :)

menace - 06:53 6 April 2016 #

@exocet: Rest assured we are listening, and considering various avenues to take for a better search experience. If you want, I can invite you to our Slack team, so you can take part in the real-time discussion on there?

s_t_s - 07:13 6 April 2016 #

@ltk_tscc : sorry to keep repeating myself but when I type "escape" into the search engine box, I end up with four democrews on amiga, pc, atari but none is from DE.

I've just tried something else and end up with really odd results :

* tried entering "nlc". Gave me NoLimit Coding, my former band but after a while it vanishes and I have tons of results but none is my democrew !

* tried entering "cream" but I have an amiga crew, a crew from UK and Cream Design, don't find the Atari one from DE :(

I'm using Firefox btw if that should make any difference. Agreed with Exocet, this is the only drawback here (well that and the lack of comments from the guys who are used to Pouet as it seems).

Asle - 21:51 8 April 2016 #

some more ideas :
allow input of IDs everywhere
allow search by 'nick / group'
in the input credits box, display the "old" groups in the list of propositions

sensenstahl - 08:54 19 February 2017 #

Would it be possible to have the type of a prod displayed e.g. at compo list of a party when they have more than one type (e.g. game + 64k)? Because in this case no information is displayed at all atm.

menace - 15:46 19 February 2017 #

A few of these suggestions there are already GitHub tickets for - I'd very much like the discussions to continue on the relevant tickets, if possible :)

s_t_s: Your error where search fails, would you mind creating a ticket for that? If you don't have a GitHub account and/or don't want to get one, that's fine - I'm happy to put it in there for you, but if you want to do it yourself then you're the originator of the ticket and will receive any updates and stuff.

Asle: The id's thing is a good idea. Would you please create a ticket for it? The "old groups" thing has certainly been discussed on the Slack, though I can't find a matching ticket right now.

https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/65 - "Allow searching for a specific content type (groups, sceners, parties etc)" I think covers some of s_t_s's first request.

https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/98 - "Platforms / prod types not showing on certain listing items" - looks like what sensenstahl is asking. We're aware of that one.

zyclonium - 19:44 7 August 2019 #

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post "new feature suggestions" (do you prefer them to be raised as github issues?) but I had a couple of ideas (they may be good or bad!):

SPECIFIC SECTION FOR COMPATIBILITY OR SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR RUNNING (although this could just fit into general comments for a production): For example, you list demos for ZX Spectrum and Amiga but we know some demos are only compatible with some models or with "tricks". e.g. Hardwired only works on an A500 and I have a distant memory of some ZX demos which would only work if you went into 128K mode and did USR0. It escapes me why now.

FAQ: Perhaps a page which lists common replies to issues raised here and in github. Especially the stuff people have asked for and you have decided against for various reasons (to avoid answering the same question months again in the future).

ROADMAP: Not sure if you have a roadmap of feature for Demozoo in the near and far future.. Or, maybe you do and it's secret. If not though, it would be great to see what you are working towards.

Great work on the site so far.. It seems to be going from strength to strength.

menace - 20:17 7 August 2019 #

zyclonium: Thanks for taking an interest! :) I'll try to address the questions sections directly. Vetting ideas here or on our Slack (come chat! http://slack.demoozoo.org) before raisinting github issues is a good idea.

As for compatibility things, we mostly use tags for that. Tags like for instance https://demozoo.org/productions/tagged/kickstart-1.2/ (pertaining to the amiga) - we encourage more, if you have knowledge, and ask an admin and we'll ad a tag description for it too.

A FAQ / guide is being written, but has been in hiatus for the last few weeks as more pressing issues took our attention. We'll get back to it. As for now, just ask.

We do not have a roadmap. Features and improvements are discussed on Slack, and implemented only if a dev has an interest in doing that. More developers are always welcome, of course.

zyclonium - 20:36 7 August 2019 #

menace: Thanks for the responses, I'll get myself on Slack in the future.

My code is lame so I won't offer developer skills (!), but I can contribute screenshots and info where I find gaps in demozoo.. Any excuse to sit around watching old demos all night :)

mr.sam - 21:44 14 May 2020 #

please add a new entry to your page

[Supporting data]

new [Productions without soundtrack

similar to [Productions without screenshots]

so it's much easier to find prod's whitout sountracks.


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