Video streaming feedback thread

menace - 11:29 10 January 2016 #

Read the news item. Try the functionality. Feed us back.

havoc - 15:20 10 January 2016 #

First impressions/suggestions:
- Make that triangle over the screenshot (a lot) smaller please
- Immediate close of the video if you accidentally click in the border instead of a control sucks
- Popping up the video this large is useless, if I want it in fullscreen I know where that button is, and in the "windowed mode" it would be much nicer if I could actually read comments (etc) while the video plays and not have 90% of the page blocked from view by the video window

havoc - 23:01 10 January 2016 #

So to clarify a bit: I'd want the vid to play in the screenshot area, so I can see the whole page, scroll around, and whatnot. IIRC that was also the suggestion when such ideas were first mentioned on Pouet. Of course, as always, this is just my personal opinion as a user of the site :)

menace - 13:03 18 January 2016 #

havoc: Your requests are duly noted, let's see what we come up with for refinements in the future.

For now, though, at least any video you add should now appear automatically and immediately (following a reload of the page)!

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