Video capture needed!

menace - 07:00 21 January 2016 #

As a side effect of our need video playback feature, I sometimes come across productions with dead video links, which always prompts me to go out and try and find a working one - and just on the off chance that some people who enjoy capping productions are reading this, I've gone ahead and created a new tag for productions that seemingly do not have a capture available on either YouTube or Vimeo. Feel free to help me populate it, currently only contains one production :)


dad1916 - 23:16 2 March 2016 #

I've captured 1 of the 4 listed:

Question ,there are only 4 productions using this tag. Are only 4 of all the thousands of productions on DemoZoo missing video captures? Or is it just that only 4 have this tag?

dad1916 - 23:27 2 March 2016 #

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Qz0D-Bs6xY is the capture but how do I add it to the prod ?

dad1916 - 23:29 2 March 2016 #

perhaps I've done it? I added an external link to the youtube url and I remember reading that these are processed on a schedule and then displayed, right ? :)

menace - 05:55 3 March 2016 #

dad1916: That means only those 4 currently have the tag :) I tend to just add it (and any others) as I go along. Keep in mind, you and anyone else can add tags too.

And yes, you just add the youtube or vimeo url as an external link, and it should appear playable after a reload of the page.

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