Old demoscene sites on WayBackMachine!

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menace - 22:06 31 January 2016 #

The WayBackMachine is an indispensable tool in research, allowing us a peek back at sites that are long gone from the web at large. I thought it might be opportune to highlight a few I stumbled across that couldn't be tied to a specific group, scener or party.

Let's start off with c64partys.de - I haven't had time to wade through it all yet, but expect to in the next few days. For now, here's what appears to be the last working snapshot for the site, should you want to poke around on your own :)


I hope that this forum thread will inspire others to share links of a similar nature. Naturally, our system accomodates such links in the cases where they can be added to an entity in the database, and labels them as WayBackMachine links.

Go go go! :)

Saga_Musix - 00:26 3 February 2016 #

To add to the general topic - whenever you see some demoscene website that obviously hasn't received a lot of love in recent years, do force the Wayback crawler to visit every single site.
Just prepend this string to the website's URL: https://web.archive.org/web/form-submit.jsp?url=
If you notice that the website has not been archived yet, be sure to visit all the sub pages once a page has been archived, so that those will be archived as well.

alephnaughtpix - 18:26 21 February 2016 #

I've found my old demo scene pages from the mid 90s in the Wayback Machine! The "Scene People" section has a huge list of scene website links from various platforms. (This is where the "Links" in the Senior Dads website originally linked to.)


menace - 06:05 18 May 2016 #

Found http://web.archive.org/web/20040321164320/http://magsite.amiga.pl/ today - seems the last snapshot is from 2004. Going to be fun going through this!

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