Help needed with images!

menace - 13:18 21 February 2016 #

So, another thread in support of a new tag on Demozoo - I've established <a href="http://demozoo.org/productions/tagged/cannot-decode-image/">cannot-decode-image</a> for cases where an image is either not supported by any known decoder so that we can have a screenshot, or it is supported but plain does not work. I'll try to provide details in the comment of each entry :)

Plz to be help.

menace - 13:19 21 February 2016 #

... and I fucked that up. Ofcourse in the forum there is no need for linking.


jok - 17:04 23 February 2016 #

done :)
btw - TDF gfx also updated

menace - 03:08 24 February 2016 #

Thanks a million jok!

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