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AdamK - 10:05 23 March 2016 #

Is there any API?

menace - 12:20 23 March 2016 #

There most certainly is - http://demozoo.org/api/v1

If you have questions, ask here or let me know if you want to be invited to our Slack team :)

AdamK - 13:19 23 March 2016 #

Good :)

Please excuse my ignorance, but how can I get a list of productions of specific type for specific platform?

Florist - 19:33 30 June 2016 #

+1 for the above - is there filtering options for the production/releaser/platform etc in the public interface in style of https://demozoo.org/api/v1/platforms/?search=Amiga or is it just the non-filtered access that is available?

korshun - 09:53 2 August 2016 #

Florist: It seems that there is no possibility requesting production/releaser/platform .. it's a pitty - because this ability would make the difference between an answering API and a data passing process.

The JSON responses are paged, so it would be hard to implement a search/filter in the frontend-side code.
On the other hand a complete JSON .. including all productions e.g. would be too large (?)

I am not that into python, so I cant help that way =/

menace - 16:39 2 August 2016 #

Unfortunately, I am not a developer so I am hard pressed to answer the technical questions - but we certainly hope to adapt the api to our users, and make available any calls you'd need.

If you join our Slack team, there are people in there who not only helped develop the api, but also people who have implemented it in stuff. Let me know, and I'll extend invitations to the email you registered your user name with.

Gargaj - 15:03 22 July 2019 #

Is there a plan for exposing the "New Releases" / "New In The Archive" lists in the API?

(Asking for a friend *cough* https://github.com/Gargaj/Conduit/commit/3d22e52cb69febb8ac9181e14a1ce6037944d3b4 *cough*)

angelo - 21:12 19 September 2020 #

Is there a way to get releaser's location via API?

bifat - 17:59 25 February 2021 #

The documentation is a bit sparse. Can you give me an example for searching for a production by name, at the same time limiting the search by platform?

bifat - 15:16 28 February 2021 #

Nobody? C'mon, this is easy.
Are we supposed to parse your funny HTML?

LJ - 09:19 18 May 2021 #

If I interpret the current source code correctly there's no search integrated on the API endpoints. Technically speaking, if you don't care about missing cross-origin headers you could query https://demozoo.org/search/live/?q=prodname&category=

replay - 19:15 17 January 2022 #

I tried the search api (live) but it returns incomplete result compared to the website.
Also the filters in the api are returning only exact results, not the ones containing the search string :(

psenough - 02:09 23 January 2023 #

trying to get a year round up of prods of specific type ordered by date.
for example all musicdisks released in 2022, which i can get listed here:
but can't order by date or show additional info to that list (platform, bigger screenshot).

so i'm trying to use the demozoo API to either:
- get those 45 ids of the search results (but the API can't see to be able to filter queries by type, only supertype)
- get the prod info of specific prod if (but the API doesn't seem to search by prod id)

don't really want to waddle through hundreds of API pages to filter out the stuff i'm interested in. would be easier to get a complete database dump and parse that (does that exist for demozoo somewhere? i mean including the updates i just did to the database to make sure demozoo has all the musicdisks with proper data and screenshots, not the 2020 dump)

i'm going to end up scrapping the search page to get those ids and then scrape the prod pages of each one to get the data (or use the productions api filtered by name i guess), but this all feels like a really stupid way of getting a list of prods of certain type ordered by date with a few extra icons showing. this is exactly the sort of usage the API should be facilitating and it's not really doing it's job.

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