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exocet - 22:48 25 March 2016 #

Hi all,

I came back from a recent trip to my parents' with 80+ CD-ROMs that came with French magazines between 1995 and 1998. Most of them contains fresh demoscene releases from that time, and sometimes some of them are missing on scene.org, especially when it comes to more obscure demoparties.

I've been through 4 or 5 discs so far and I've already added 40+ releases on scene.org. I'll slowly go through all those discs and will keep adding missing releases on Demozoo and scene.org.

Anyway a couple of questions:
- I'm unsure how to add demos that were released outside of parties and are not from a major group. For instance, where on scene.org should something like the following demo go? http://demozoo.org/productions/154827/
- Some of the compos of Wired 1997 (graphics, 4kb...) were initially uploaded as a single ZIP file containing all the entries, sometimes without proper naming. I suspect it happened for other parties as well. Is it worth having someone (ie. me) re-upload the entries as single files so they can be more easily downloaded?

menace - 05:24 26 March 2016 #


I am a scene.org file admin, so I noticed your uploads yesterday - thanks a huge bunch! You're helping to preserve scene history :) Now, to answer your questions;

I would put the demo in question in /demos/artists/kristofer_tingdahl. As for the multiple-entries-in-one, we prefer to keep things as original as possible - so the original archive is much preferred. The way we've normally handled these on Demozoo is one of us (usually me :P) goes through the archive in question and links the download to each picture on Demozoo. If you want to browse them individually, you simply browse on Demozoo.

ltk_tscc - 10:29 26 March 2016 #

Exocet: ...and if you're on "slack" you can bother menace much faster to move the files :)

exocet - 10:39 26 March 2016 #


Thanks for the quick answer. I've now linked all the graphics from Wired 97 to the global archive.

I'll keep uploading anything I come across that's not yet on Scene.org, even releases outside of parties now that I know where to put them :)

exocet - 10:39 26 March 2016 #

Lotek: alright, that could be an option :)

menace - 11:49 26 March 2016 #

Exocet: I've sent an invite to the Slack team to your email, to do with as you wish :)

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