Kickstarter for Atari ST Demoscene Book

rockabit - 14:38 1 April 2016 #

For everyone who is into the ST-Stuff: i recently started a book about the Atari ST Demoscene, about the history and the art. It's a very design-orientated coffee table book, guided by an essayistic view onto the beginning of the 16-bit era.

It also tells the story of german game-developer Thalion, as they were formed by demoscene members. Might be also interesting to Amiga, PC and C64-Users as they have done legendary games for this machines, too. I' am in direct contact with the makers of that time.

For some layouts and informations around the concept, please refer to my webpage: http://breakintheborders.weebly.com/

The forthcoming Kickstarter will be linked here. I am glad if you spread the word in the meantime.

Best regards to all of you!

s_t_s - 15:24 2 April 2016 #

Awesome project ! Will surely back it up !

s_t_s - 19:46 9 May 2016 #

Kickstarter campaing launched !


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