New - streaming audio!

gasman - 21:54 16 May 2016 #

It gives me great pleasure to announce a major new feature for Demozoo - music tracks can now be streamed directly from the browser. Check it out here...


It's based on Demozoo's very own Cowbell player <https://demozoo.github.io/cowbell/>, to allow seamless playback of MP3s, OGGs, PC / Amiga tracker formats (i.e. anything that can be played by libopenmpt), ZX Spectrum formats, and doubtless more to come in future. Currently, the tracks we have available for playback are:

- all (unzipped) MP3 / OGG music hosted on scene.org
- all tracker files hosted on Modland
- all tracker files hosted on The MOD Archive
- all ZX Spectrum tracker files hosted on zxdemo.org

Happy listening!
- gasman

CONS - 16:24 17 May 2016 #

looks great and works perfectly so far. A volume slider would be nice.

exocet - 21:49 19 May 2016 #

That's amazing. Good job!

dipswitch - 19:06 21 May 2016 #

the player is lovely!

ltk_tscc - 19:06 1 June 2016 #

It rocks indeed... waiting for more supported formats :)

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