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Gunstick - 11:40 27 August 2016 #

if you only own an ST, it's not possible to find demos which are guaranteed to work (some are requiring STE). Is there a possibilitiy to add a flag for the STE demos that they require "E"? I would not create a complete new platform as the ST demos work fine on STE (mostly).

menace - 21:04 27 August 2016 #

You could always just tag them. Just click the "edit" button next to TAGS on a production, and see if it autocompletes anything that you start typing, or just create a new one - something like works-on-plain-st ?

If you have any trouble, just ask! :)

ltk_tscc - 08:05 28 August 2016 #

We already have tagged them "ste" ;)


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