GNU/Linux Music Specialization.

MrGamer - 18:09 29 September 2016 #

Hi there! One thing I noticed right away was that there was no Linux-Section.

And that, I find a bit sad. You see, there are Open-Source alternatives that either match or surpass proprietary sorftware, forcefully binding you to Windows or Mac.

I switched from Windows 10 to Linux Mint - With Ubuntu Studio 64's sound-system.

I also sought leisure, so with clever thinking, good programs, ingenuity, luck and awesome, dedicated programers, I got all the games I WANTED to play TO play - flawlessly.

But as a music tool. It far surpasses at least Windows, perhaps even Mac. Because it is so supremely configurable that you WILL be able to make music on it WITH alternatives that are comfortable, and you will make as good music as before, except "alternative" for bragging-rights ;)

More on this when i have made my first full tune in a professional grade Open-Source program.


dipswitch - 19:28 29 September 2016 #

Dear MrGamer,

Platforms have always been the apple of discord in the demoscene, and still are, but no matter which system is best - we DO have a Linux section! See here: https://demozoo.org/productions/?platform=7&production_type=

Dipswitch / demozoo staff

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