Podcasts are not productions

menace - 12:32 30 November 2016 #

We've had a lot of things submitted to the database during our time, some have been valid and some have not been. In some cases we have created new categories to accomodate things we hadn't anticipated in the past, and in others we've been forced to make some hard decisions on whether something warrants a place as a legitimate "production" or not. We always have a discussion on the Slack channel beforehand (that anyone is welcome to join, btw - just let us know you want in!), to try and shine a light on all eventualities before reaching a conclusion.

So let is just be said that we do not make decisions lightly. However, we recently noticed a new release from Impulse Project that prompted at discussion on whether Podcasts were scene productions in their own right. In this particular case, we decided they are not. It's important to us that any podcasts producers are not discouraged by this, and we are more than happy to welcome any promotion of such items on our forums. Create threads, and promote your stuff, but just be aware that we are removing podcasts from the production database as of today.

menace - 12:33 30 November 2016 #

Oh, and check out http://impulseproject.info - looks like a stellar effort! :)

dad1916 - 13:11 30 November 2016 #

Impulse project is a great podcast.

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