Video Dj Streaming

eclectic - 13:09 1 December 2016 #

Hello!, I would like to ask for feedback about an idea I have in mind. I'm an amateur DJ and I remake and mix music from the demoscene and games. I already experimented with an online radio station and now I would like to start a video streaming project. The project will consist on realtime live video mixing of music and videos. There is much content from the demo scene I would like to mix but of course I would need the consent of the creators. The idea is still a little bit vague but it could develope into a kind of "scene TV" focused in music.

Basically I'm writing here to ask for feedback about the idea.

Thanks in advance

eclectic - 10:38 4 December 2016 #

I wrote a little more information about the idea here:

Feel free to give me feedback.


Dynamika - 15:33 5 December 2016 #

there was something like scene TV site with videos but its down now. Idea is cool as I am big fan of such music. BTW you are welcome to join cvgm.net as a user if you enjoy demoscene and gaming music.

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