Can i submit my own Amiga and Atari ST graphics on Demozoo??

BSF - 22:02 9 December 2016 #

When i create my Amiga and Atari ST graphics, can i submit it on Demozoo??

menace - 08:25 10 December 2016 #


As you're probably aware, we have chosen to delete some of your submissions in the past, on the grounds that they do not seem to have a connection with the demoscene at all - they were simply images created on oldskool platforms. Demozoo is a website dedicated to gathering and organizing information on the demoscene. We do not consider ourselves a place where people can put whatever they create, outside of that context. So, if your images were part of, say, a competition at a demoparty (lots of them allow remote submissions if you cannot travel there) or was part of a demoscene production (say, a demo - released at a party, or in some other demoscene context), then it would qualify for inclusion.

I see you've added some console things by other groups by the way, which is great! Thanks a lot for the support! :)

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