Indexing demomaking tutorials and resources

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cxw - 21:02 12 December 2016 #

(Also posted on Pouet at https://www.pouet.net/topic.php?which=10882 - disregard if you've already seen this)

Announcing http://howto.planet-d.net, which will Real Soon Now hold a curated fulltext search index of tutorials/resources that demomakers might actually find useful :) . Thanks to guardian for hosting, and to drift and others on the Pouet thread (above) for inspiration and encouragement!

I have set up a wiki at http://howto.planet-d.net/wiki/pmwiki.php so we can decide what should be indexed and how. Please join me in the planning! Email your desired username to howto at planet hyphen d dot net for an account. It's world-readable, if you'd like to see what's cooking before signing up.

If howto can ever be even .00000001% as complete for tutorials as demozoo is for releases, it will be doing very well. :)

menace - 10:41 15 December 2016 #

@cxw: EXCELLENT initiative, I sure hope this will be useful for a lot of people and make sure more creative souls get bitten by the demo bug sooner rather than later :)

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