Different handles in different groups

Den - 04:47 30 December 2013 #

Hello and congrats!

I'll speak for myself here but I'm obviously not the only one in that case.

When I was in Phoenix (amiga) back in 1988/89 I went by the handle Dragonball. In 1991 I changed to Den.

I have entered both handles in my 'profile' but I appear as Den everywhere, and it feels a bit strange.

It would be cool if one could choose how they want to appear on a production's credits or a particular member list depending on what handle they went by at the time.

dipswitch - 04:56 30 December 2013 #

You can already choose which of the multiple handles appears in the production credits - when you choose "Dragonball", the product will appear on your profile, but itwill say "(as Dragonball)" behind it, so people can see how exactly you were credited there.

As for assigning different handles to different groups, it's a very good idea, but it would still have to be implemented yet.

Den - 05:09 30 December 2013 #

I didn't really check productions credits, only the group's memberlist (which is what I wanted to change)

Glad you think it's a good feature request though, and thanks for your reply :)

noname - 08:14 30 December 2013 #

I second that request. In our case of Haujobb, we have a member Owl who did all his productions under this name and then later joined another group to become Des Moines. He already appears "as Owl" in productions, which is half-way there, but still appears only with his later handle in the member list. It would be nice to have the correct name there. I think this might boil down to giving time-frames of precedence to a persons different handles.

Saga_Musix - 14:26 30 December 2013 #

We have discussed this before and afaik it's on the to-do list, but it was one of the countless things that had to be moved to the post-launch phase.

Den - 14:45 30 December 2013 #

I'm pretty sure you have plenty of stuff to keep yourselves busy for the whole upcoming year and the one after too :)

H7 - 09:24 10 February 2018 #

is this feature request going somewhere?

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