Adding new tag ?

s_t_s - 08:08 20 March 2017 #

Hello there dear Demozoo orgs!

I have been adding tags to several Atari demos lately, namely bootsector and was wondering what needed be done so that I was added as an official tag used in the "productions" page. Last time I struggled to add "128bytes" and someone officially added it. So that I think it can also be added this time :) Do you need a minimum number of prods ? Thanks for letting me know.

menace - 13:27 20 March 2017 #

I think you're getting production types and tags confused - in order to classify something as a 128 byte intro, you edit the production by way of the little "edit" box that appears when you are logged in.

s_t_s - 19:59 20 March 2017 #

@menace : thanks for the answer ! Yes you are right I got a bit confused yet I wish I could change the prod type to "bootsector". Unfortunately there is no such demo category :( Bootsectors are not 128bytes, that was simply an example of something I tried to do earlier. Afaik bootsectors are not 512bytes since you need to remove the header (or something :). As a consequence bootsectors are 480 and need to be written to disk to run. Hope I made myself clearer now : can you add bootsector to demo types ?

Btw I'm doing this to help, not to give you more work, so that if it means extra work, forget about it :)

menace - 03:18 21 March 2017 #

We very much appreciate the help :)

However, I do not think bootsectors qualify as a category along the same lines as size-limited intros does - especially as they are of varying size depending on the platform - since it would apply to several. So I hope that you understand that in cases like this, we'd prefer having the type as an intro of appropriate size and a bootsector tag would be perfect.

s_t_s - 10:11 21 March 2017 #

I agree with you especially as I am not familiar with other platforms. I'm mostly interested in the Atari ST :) I can do with tags then, even tho demo category would help me find bootsectors a lot easier.

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