Demozoo Hackathon #2

menace - 20:14 28 May 2017 #

We're back! The second Hackathon will take place on july 8th, 2017. Again, we hope as many of our users will be able to come hang out in our Slack team (not there yet? Go to http://slack.demozoo.org/ and get signed up!), and collaborate on getting a lot of stuff done in the space of a single day!

The traditional sense of a "hackathon" involves coding, but we're using the term liberally - hacking on Demozoo can just as well involve tackling a task that involves data, visuals, or anything else. We'd like to accomodate our non-coding attendants as well, which in this case means creating a purpose-built page for different tasks that needs tackling. It will go live on the morning of the event, and we'll make sure that there is something for everyone to do, whether your field of interest is demos, graphics, music, tiny intros or anything else.

Having said that, we hope to close a good number of issues on our Github during the day as well :)

So, with that we will just say we hope to see as many as possible of your faces on Slack on july 8th. Let's get some stuff done!

sensenstahl - 17:18 31 May 2017 #

And don't forget to share your favourite digging/editing/coding/screenshot grabbing music in the random channel during the day! :D

menace - 21:08 31 May 2017 #

@sensenstahl: Right, I've noticed that's a thing you do :) I'll start doing that too - you'll likely find my tastes are a little different from yours, given the things you usually post, hehe. But hey, diversity!

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