• ASCII Collection


by Humane

  • Released 28 July 1993


Know something about this production that we don't?

Contains file_id.diz logos for 2000 AD, Alcatraz, Alpha Flight, CNCD, Complex, Crystal, Decnite, DCS, Fairlight, GoD, Humane, Lemon., LSD, Majic 12, Melon Dezign, Quartex, Scoopex, Silents, Skid Row, Stellar, TRSI, as well as bbs design logos saying Upload, Download, Bulletins, Confs, Goodbye, Amiga, Files and SNES.

Promotes the Humane bbs'es Somewhere Online (+45 59 65 38 O1/41 55, sysop Hellhound), Evil Dead (+45 31 85 7O 16, sysop Striker), Trench (+46 8 27 3O 46, sysop Infinity), The Edge of Heaven (+45 MEM BERS, sysop Le Tabu), Throne Chamber (+358 O 873 61O9, sysop Necrarch), Cyclone Center (+358 O 292 2798, sysop Jaws) and Fatal Beauty (+358 O MEM BERS, sysop Recycler).


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