Even Wise Guys Fuck Up!

by Honey

  • Released 9 December 1995

Filename: hny-dkwf.txt

Features the logos Welcome (for Hemp), Every Ware, Bulls (for Chucky), Saphire diz (for Saphire), Masturbation Station (for Black Beard), Sweet Dreams logoff (for Canaan), Honey, Menu (for Chucky), Gozz (for Gozz), Total Recall (for Spiderman), Delight IHQ (for Spiderman), Friends (for Canaan), Traders Brain and Throw Your Set In the Air, Exocet, Stylez, Treach, Trivial, Zaphod, Gozz, Acid Kid, U-Man, Count Zero.

Zaphod/Caustic Style, Treach/Contra!, Count Zero/Whale, U-Man/Whale, Stylez/Contra, Nup/Whale, Vinzi/Mo'Soul, df, Phase, Nike/House of Style and Crombacher appeared as guest artists.


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