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Filename: LNG-CB1.TXT

Release date is an estimate based on upload date to bbs'es.

Features logos of 2000 AD, Analog, Andromeda x 2, Anthrox, Balance, Banana Dezign, Bronx, Classic, CNCD, Complex, Dezign, Digital, Dual Crew Shining, Fairlight x 2, Hoodlum, Insane, Jetset, Lingo, Majic 12, Mellow, Paradox, Prodigy, Razor 1911, Rebels, Sanity, Scoopex, Spaceballs, Stellar, TRSI, Upperclass, Virtual Dreams (group logos), Access, Logon, Logoff, Menu, Amiga, Ansi, Ascii, Confs, Bulls, Amix, SNES (design), Upstream, Rastaman, Balance, Cola (special).

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