Edit history for High Society

2021-10-30 11:58:08 dipswitch Edited nick 'High Society': changed differentiator to 'consoles'
2021-04-23 19:59:47 dipswitch Added affiliation with BBS Melrose for High Society
2021-04-23 19:41:10 dipswitch Added BBS Maxxed Out as HQ for High Society
2017-03-23 05:25:28 menace Added Acidstyle as a member of High Society
2016-10-04 15:00:42 ltk_tscc Added link http://www.pouet.net/groups.php?which=1609
2016-01-27 19:12:48 cRAZy Added cRAZy as a member of High Society
2016-01-02 12:57:56 moqui Updated HS-Art's status as a subgroup of High Society: changed subgroup to HS-Art
2016-01-02 12:57:17 moqui Deleted nick 'HS-Art'
2016-01-02 12:56:54 moqui Added High Society as a subgroup of High Society
2013-08-29 12:39:36 dipswitch Added Binary Walker as a member of High Society
2013-05-02 06:53:41 menace Added link http://www.scene.org/dir.php?dir=/demos/groups/high_society/
2013-03-27 10:14:55 menace Added nick 'HS-Art'