Edit history for New Age

2021-08-12 08:29:05 menace Added BBS Channel Zer0 as Distsite for New Age
2021-05-20 03:19:31 dipswitch Removed New Age's affiliation with Funderbird
2021-05-20 03:18:46 dipswitch Added BBS Neo Tokyo as HQ for New Age
2021-05-20 03:16:19 dipswitch Added BBS Funderbird as HQ for New Age
2021-05-13 01:58:42 dipswitch Added BBS Comitek as Distsite for New Age
2021-01-23 21:20:04 dipswitch Added BBS The End Of Time as WHQ for New Age
2020-11-03 23:06:51 exocet Added The Hit Man as a member of New Age
2020-10-05 16:27:00 phoenix Added Nakita as a member of New Age
2018-04-22 21:48:18 menace Edited nick 'New Age': changed name to 'New Age'; changed differentiator to 'pc'
2017-03-06 15:41:55 sensenstahl Added link http://www.pouet.net/groups.php?which=12994
2017-03-06 15:38:12 sensenstahl Added group 'New Age (PC)'