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The Scent of Summer

by Cooth / Dimlight Alley Crew

  • Released 23 August 2005


Know something about this production that we don't?

From the Afternoon music disk; "It's a hot summer afternoon. Dive into your dreams and place yourself somewhere in the countryside, with fields, bushes and trees. Warm sunlight on your face, and the air so heavy, full of sweet smells of plants, herbs, flowers. Maybe some warm breeze at times, but most of the time - the air stands still, letting you appreciate the scent of summer. This song was inspired a little by after- noon, a little by summer and those hot days in Beskidy I used to spend on vaca- tions,and a little by nature, the richness of its scent, and all the shades of green, with some red, or blue, or yellow or other add- itions here and there. There is peace, fresh air and the feeling of being close to nature, so different from the interiors of buildings in a town - where I spend most of the time..."

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