• Streaming Music

The Afternoon

by Louigi Verona / Dimlight Alley Crew

  • Released 23 August 2005


Know something about this production that we don't?

From the Afternoon musicdisk; "Many people may await a musical piece about daytime to be fast, energetic and rythmical and several times I tried to create such a tune. However, at the same time I was real occupied at my job and had many things to do besides my job. At this point, I thought that our life, being so furious and full of things you need to manage, should have a foundation of calmness and inner detachment. Bearing that in mind, I continued to compose, looking for what the music can bring, starting out 2 or 3 tunes a day and discarding them afterwards. The tune you are listening to came suddenly after two weeks of almost every- day failures. Without a warning the feeling burst into me and I caught the very thing I was looking for all these days - calmness, observation, yet a flow of powerful energy that lies within. It is something I am trying to achieve in my daytime - a feeling of inner observation, a something that makes me lift above the vanity of human life with- out discarding it as it is."

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