• Tracked Music


by Juice

  • Released 27 November 2017


Know something about this production that we don't?

Text from Chiperia 8; "...cryptomnesia - noun - the appearance of counciousness of memory images which are not recognized as such but which appear as original creations... this definition pretty much describes how this tune came to be. the main melody suddenyl poppued into my mind one day fully formed and complete. it was pretty much exactly what you can hear in the first 4 patterns of the final tune. i do not know about other composers but this kind of thing doesnt usually happen for me. most of my compositions are a result of messing around in the sequencer until i stumble upon something that i think sounds good. so i was immediately suspicious that i might subconciously be remembering a song i heard somewhere before. i played early versions of this tune to about half a dozen people to confirm my suspicions but nobody could recognize it. so i decided i was gonna go ahead and finish it anyway. much later on when the track was almost finished some synapse in my brain clicked and i realized what song i got the idea from. turns out it was so distorted through the maze of memory that it did not really sound similar to the original.. but to me the connection was clear. i have unwittingly plagiarized a song. i am pretty sure you will not be able to figure out which one it is but if you think you can prove me wrong feel free to get in touch. beer is on me for the first person to guess right! greets must go to everybody in reality insane all of chiperia family and all other chiptune lovers listening to this collection. juice over & out - see you in the next one"

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