• Tracked Music

Barbarella Psychedelia

by Smash / Theralite

  • Released 31 August 1999



Know something about this production that we don't?

From There Goes the Neigbourhood; "this song is my little homage to the cheesy scifi films of the 60s and 70s, and of course in particular the film barbarella. i originally wrote this at the end of dec 97 the hope of entering it in the party 7 music compo.. of course that never happened due to the guy entering it for me getting there too late or something. but it didn't really matter as the song was very rushed and sucked a bit, so it sat on my hd unreleased. a few months later i found it and got the idea to remix it a bit to make it funkier, and ended up almost completely rewriting it (i think the drum beat survived, that's about it). i got the idea from seeing all the strange disco scenes in films like buck rogers, where they have these people playing all this weird synth-disco music. it had to be done. i had great great fun doing this track. there are a lot of sounds from my analogue synth in there, and of course there are the vocals - they were "sung" by me, but some people have asked me if i used a vocoder on them.. the answer is no, i didn't, but i did of course apply a lot of effects to them. i think it was some combination of pitch shift, eq, chorus, reverb and flange in soundforge.. and they were cut up and retuned too (as my singing sucked)."

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