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When I Died For The 7th Time

by Smash / Theralite

  • Released 31 August 1999



Know something about this production that we don't?

From There Goes the Neigbourhood; "i started this back in autumn 1997, originally to make an mp3 out of it and have vocals and everything. well, it didn't quite work out like that and ended up sitting unfinished for ages. then i went and used most of the samples for barbarella psychedelia, and it looked like it was never going to be done.. i later rediscovered it around may 1998, and started trying to sort it out and cut some of the shit out. plus it had to be cut down from 8mb to something more reasonable.. i was actually going to enter this in MC6, but i got talked out of it and entered soemthing else instead, fortunately. you may notice that this one doesn't have a really clear melody and srtucture. it's a bit more improvisational and freeform. this is most likely not going to be popular.. it doesn't appear to have much melody or a verse/chorus structure. i went the other way with this. it has quite a bit more detail than a lot of my songs, which may not be immediately noticable - but i put a bit more thought into the rhythm patterns and backing than usual. the song is in two parts, and the second part is the main one. this is sitting on a bass line and builds up from there into something quite big. thanks to beek in particular for the two lead samples from his juno 60.. he gave me them ages ago, and that's what i started a lot of the song from. i imagine this will just float over a lot of people and won't really grab, but listen to it a few times and maybe you will see it has some hidden depths. There is a lot more detail, a lot more going on than the typical songs on this disk, with several different leads together in places and a detailed rhythm track."

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