• Tracked Music

Floating On Garbage

by Smash / Theralite

  • Released 31 August 1999



Know something about this production that we don't?

From There Goes the Neigbourhood; "this is quite odd. the chorus is quite unjazzish, but some of the other parts are very much acid jazz. do you like the didgeridoo? i wanted to do a song with a more "world" sound, but i definately didn't want to make one of those "this is an 'ethnic' song! look at all the flutes and jungle effects and drums and shit like that!" type pieces.. they suck. a lot of trackers (especially those who usually make the very standard tracked music styles) occasionally do some kind of rock or jazz or orchestral or "ethnic" piece, and they just do all the stereotypical things to create some generic sound of that genre without any identity, and think they are being 'different' and 'original'. they replace the juno with a piano and call it jazz... i hope this doesn't sound like that. i'd like to give thanks to astradyne and stote for some of the percussion samples. you sent me those sounds about two years ago - looks like i finally found a decent use for them =) the song features probably the best trumpet solo i've done to date. in my opinion it's the best song on the disk. the drums are quite intricate, and it's all built on the bass line."

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